Tune-Yards at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Canadian producer Tune-Yards descends upon Liverpool Anglican Cathedral to play one of her well sought after live shows.

Mike Warburton

Last updated: 23rd Feb 2015

Image: Tune-Yards 

In what has to be one of the most unsuspecting yet awe inspiring live music venues Liverpool has to offer, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral will exhibit the electronic tapestry of Tune-Yards on Friday 6th March

Driven by Merril Garbus, the moniker was broken through a series of Dictaphone recordings stringed meticulously together on GarageBand. These workings spawned her debut album 'Bird-Brains', which was heralded by many as a groundbreaking piece of work.

Merill continued to work tirelessly in the studio developing her signature lo fi indie pop sound that lends influences from all corners of the globe. Perhaps her most notorious working 'Water Fountain' (above) conveys that precisely, with an idyllic melody and tribal claps that'll no doubt reverberate beautifully throughout the Cathedral's grand hall.  Secure your tickets here

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Tickets are no longer available for this event