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Tidy Boys' Amo to Abseil Blackpool Tower!

Amo from the Tidy Boys goes to great lengths for tidy's New Years Eve Weekender! We want to see YOU shouting from the bottom of Blackpool Tower in support!


Date published: 10th Nov 2006

It's a little known fact in hard house circles, but Amo from the Tidy Boys is absolutely petrified of heights. Stick him on a simple box or a small wall and his face drains of colour and he breaks out in a cold sweat.
So imagine our surprise here at tidy HQ when he announced his intention of facing his fear - by abseiling down the iconic Blackpool Tower! We've heard of promoting an event but this really is going above and beyond the call of duty!
When the Tidy Boys take their Galaxy Digital competition winners to the top of the Tower during the massive tidy NYE Weekender at Pontins in Blackpool on December 30th, 31st and January 1st, Amo won't be joining them in the lift on the way back down.
"I've been making my very own bungee cord for the last few months now," said Amo. "I used to have a really big rubber band ball but now the whole thing's been turned into one long rope that hopefully will take my weight once I launch myself off the top."
"At least if I hit the bottom I'll bounce back up," he added optimistically.
Asked if he would be raising any money for a particular charity while dangling down the side of the famous northern attraction, Amo said "Well if people want to donate, feel free. Hopefully I'll make enough money to buy enough rubber bands to make ball. I really miss bouncing it around my back yard," he sighed before adding another band to his massive rope.
If you'd like to learn more about or make a donation to Amo's abseiling attempt, simply log onto where you'll also find details of the actual Weekender itself - featuring Edison Factor Live, Paul Maddox Live, the Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Lisa Pin-Up, Andy Farley, Amber D, Mark EG, Lee Haslam, Andy Whitby, Rob Tissera, the Organ Donors and more.
Tidy New Year Weekender 2006
30th, 31st and 1st January
Pontins Holiday Camp
Tickets available at or by calling 0870 777 2652
Edison Factor Live!
Paul Maddox Live!
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Anne Savage
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Andy Farley
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