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Thomas Gold Interview

In the world of international DJing, there are few names bigger than that of Thomas Gold ... after his recent success with this summer´s club anthem "Shake It (Move A Little Closer)"

Eva Oyon

Date published: 10th Nov 2009

"Just Because" with a massive vocal by famous UK singer Amanda Wilson will blow away any autumn blues and leave you begging for more! With support in the form of top quality remixes from UK Top 10 Artist and Gfab Label Supremo Ian Carey, The Good Guys, Etienne Ozborne & Zoltan Kontes, Deepside Deejays,  Sound Bridge, Rawdirt, Noll & Kliwer and last but by no means least Shadow Stars, this jam packed release is sure to smash dancefloors anywhere and shows that top quality house music is the order of the day!


We caught up with Thomas to get the lowdown on the new single....


How’s your year been?

Oh it's been great! After the great success of 'Everybody be somebody', I was excited about the huge success 'Shake It' in summer. This track became a real Ibiza anthem and you could hear it all over the place! I was also lucky to get remixes done for Paul Van Dyk, Erick Morillo, Seamus Haji, Robbie Rivera and Toolroom Records! And now, after my recent track 'In Your Face' I just release my new single 'Just Because' which I'm also excited about.

Apart from this, I've been travelling a lot, so after touring, Brazil, Canada, Russia I will be travelling to Australia and the U.S. soon. So the year was quite busy but amazing!


How would you describe the new track?

It is a crossover vocal track, strongly influenced by the present electro/progressive style but also containing some 'old-school' house elements. You can hear this when you listen to the original mix with its house piano riff and the long arpeggio synth line. It should fit for peak time mainroom sets as well as for the later after-hours sets, depending on the different remixes.


Where do your ideas for making tracks come from?

Oh, I listen quite a lot to old and new tracks but I also get lots of inspiration and ideas when I'm playing my DJ sets. Sometimes, when you play a track in a club with a good sound system and at a high volume, you can rather feel a certain sound or element (than just hear it) which could be a good starting point for a track… Also sometimes I get ideas in the studio when I load in a new software synth and when I play around with the sounds on my keyboard. All is possible…


What’s your aim when making music?

Part from the fact that I want myself to like what I am doing in the studio, I want to make music to make people listen and dance. There's nothing better than getting nice feedbacks from people or from an audience when you play you own stuff to them. And I think this is what club music is about at first!


Do you do it all on a PC or do you think real instruments are important?

Besides from the 'real' vocal, I don't use real instruments at the moment. There is so much good stuff you can get out of samplers, synths, drum machines and all the other gear! Especially for the kind of music I am making I do not feel the need for recording real instruments. And when I'm after a real musical but, let's say, a funky drum loop, there's always a good sample at hand I can use and tweak the way I like it. This said, listening to real instruments is always nice and can also be inspiring 


After a big hit do you feel more pressure the next time you’re in the studio?

Of course there is some pressure after a big hit, but when it comes to the production, I try not to think about this too much. Otherwise you can be mislead and lose your own musical identity. I think it does not make too much to produce for a 'big hit record’; you should rather go for a good and catchy basic song idea, a nice vocal hook (if desired) and a good production and mixing. And I have to like my track; otherwise I would not put it out. And by the way - at the end, the people decide whether your track is going to be a hit or not.  So you can influence the success of a track a bit, but you can't force it to be a hit. So better forget about the pressure and just make some good music.


Will you have Amanda Wilson sing live at any of your gigs when you play the track?


I think so, we spoke about this but not detailed plans for this yet. But I hope we can make this happen!


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