The best Halloween events to attend in Liverpool

We've got all the best Halloween events in Liverpool, all in one place, so you can trick or treat yourself to a night out on the town this spooky season!

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Last updated: 19th Oct 2022

Halloween is everyone's favourite excuse to get silly drunk, have a great laugh with your pals, and dance the night away in an outfit that cost as much as the actual night out. It's great fun that some take a bit more seriously than others (we're looking at you in the £200 realistic Batman outfit), and if you live or are visiting the Merseyside this spooky season then you're going to want to know where all the best Halloween events in Liverpool are happening.

So if you're after a memorable one this year, then first you're gonna have to start planning that outfit, but almost immediately after, you're going to have to consult our list and book one of these frightful frivolities. Get scrolling and start planning your 2022 Halloween now!


Lolife - Halloween Special - Lauren Lo Sung B2B Fabe

When:  Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool

Lauren Lo Sung’s LOLiFE is back at the Williamson Tunnels for a Halloween Special for a petrifying party that will bring some of the most exciting artists to one of the most unique venues in the city. Built in the 19th century, the deep chasms of the Williamson tunnels are steeped in history and the location of regular ghost hunts, making it the perfect spot for this Monster mash. Their last party at the Williamson Tunnels was a complete sell-out and we're sure this one won’t be any different, so make sure you’re signed up and ready to go! But most importantly, make sure you come draped in your spookiest and scariest costumes to match the vibe! 


Find tickets for Lolife - Halloween Special - Lauren Lo Sung B2B Fabe - here




Bass Face // Liverpool // DnB . Halloween! 

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool

Following on from their sold-out monthly shows in London, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool & Newcastle, Bass Face are coming for a spooky special at the iconic Invisible Wind factory in Liverpool, and are joined by some of the biggest names in DNB right now. We expect your face to be scrunched up in appreciation and your gun fingers locked and loaded, as this one is about to pop off more heads than Jason Voorhees. It's going to be special, and with the almost inconceivably good sound system at invisible Wind Factory blaring out the bassy bangers, you might want to wear an outfit with ear protection... Darth Vader anyone?


Find tickets for Bass Face - here



Stranger Things Halloween Special

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: Camp And Furnace in Liverpool

Prepare your favourite track and plug it into the walkman, as this event is going to lift you up Vecna style. But that being said, we want to make sure you're there to see another day, and you know, not broken like a twig by an upside-down by a Zyghon rip-off. Unlike Vecna, this Halloween bonanza by Camp and Furnace will have you running right towards the weird-looking 'costumes', as it promises to bring all the classic hits alongside a costume-only dress code, Halloween theme scran and cocktails, and an overall incredible vibe. So, if you're a fan of the Netflix show or just a Metallica fan who wants to know what all the fuss is about, then this is the event for you this Halloween.


Find tickets for Stranger Things Halloween Special - here



Reggaeton Halloween Party (Liverpool)

When: Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: Arts Club Loft in Liverpool

Whoever said that Halloween meant you had to play tunes consisting almost entirely of the monster mash and thriller, not us that's for sure, and not the Arts Club Loft either. They're sticking to what they know best and just telling you to dress up, and when the reggaeton starts blasting and those bodies start moving, we don't think anyone will be arsed about the costumes, more just the sensational vibes on show. That being said, we'd advise the white people to stay away from the dreads, yes you can dress up, but come on, read the room. 


Find tickets for Reggaeton Halloween Party - here



Glass Halloween Party: Jordan Nocturne

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: Yellow Submarine Bar in Liverpool

Taking over the Baltic Triangle’s iconic Yellow Submarine Bar for a proper Halloween party this year is Belfast’s very own Jordan Nocturne. His high-energy style will supplement the spooky vibes excellently, and with the event being his Liverpool debut, the night is bound to be an absolute dream, one that Freddy Kruger would be proud to invade. Expect to be treated to a range of the trickiest dance music about, ranging from italo, garage, disco, trance and more. With its 100 tickets available, you've gotta jump on this one quick, so stop reading, click on the link, and secure them tickets.


Find tickets for Glass Halloween Party: Jordan Nocturne - here



Liverpool Disco Festival Halloween Special

When: Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: The Arena in Liverpool

Celebrating TEN years of Hustle Parties, on top of the opening of the brand new venue, The Arena, The Liverpool Disco team are ready and primed to send shivers down the spine with their dancefloor-filling Halloween special. The state that a heavy lineup is on the way, and you can be assured that the mean business, ten years in the game gives you a bit of credibility. The day is set to be a full 12-hour session of biblical proportions and we don't want you to miss out this Halloween, so get on it and thank us later.


Find tickets for Liverpool Disco Festival Halloween Special - here



Avit events - Rudosa, Techsia - Halloween Special

When: Saturday 29th October 2022

Where: North Shore Troubadour in Liverpool

For all you hard etch ravers in the place, don't worry, you ain't being left out this Halloween, as Avit events have you covered. They are set to take over the North Shore Troubabdor this Halloween for an event that will give you all pumpkin to talk about (sorry about that one.) Fancy dress is encouraged here and we for one can't wait to see a sea of Squid Game guards two-stepping the night away in perfect unison. Avit events are known for their ace nights out, and we can promise that this one won't disappoint, plus it means you can go to a Halloween event with the music you want, instead of having Bette Midler put a spell on you.


Find tickets for Avit events - Rudosa, Techsia - Halloween Special - here



Franz and Dan's Quiz with the Queers: The Horror Edition!

When: Thursday 27th October 2022

Where: Chapters Of Us in Liverpool

Calling all you Hallo-queens, Chapter of Us in Liverpool is going to be the place to go for you this Halloween. Drag artists Franz Genau and Dan Chan are set to put on a spooky special of their famous quiz night and promise to put the whore in whore-or and bring the Mariah Scary! It will be an evening filled with quiz questions, lip syncs and a costume competition, with prizes for the winning team and for the best fancy dress - so get your campest glad rags on and strut down to Chapter of us, for one of the best Halloween events in Liverpool this year.


Find tickets for Franz and Dan's Quiz with the Queers: The Horror Edition! - here



Halloween Immersive Cinema Scare Attraction - Liverpool

When: Friday 28th - Monday 31st October 2022

Where: Wav Liverpool in Liverpool

Taking over Wav in Liverpool for an entire weekend of spooktacular fun, the Halloween Immersive Cinema Scare Attraction Experience promises to give you a night where you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you await in fear of what's next! Expect a live interactive cast of Horror icons live acting famous horror scenes throughout the show, as well as a large screen display of the greatest Horror movies ever put to the screen. It's a fully interactive, booze-filled night of scares. Such a great laugh for everyone involved, we can't recommend it enough.


Find tickets for Halloween Immersive Cinema Scare Attraction - here



Bingo Lingo - Halloween Special

When: Friday 28th October 2022

Where: Camp And Furnace in Liverpool

Right, we know what you're thinking, Bingo on Halloween? Is that not what Nan does? Well, whilst you may not be wrong, if you took your Nan to this bingo she may be haunting you before it's over. Bingo Lingo is all about a loud, proud, and riotous time. In their words, they've taken bingo, shaken all the dust out and turned it into one mad, confetti-filled, party-bingo night! Plus, the festivities only get better come Halloween, with the fancy dress all but compulsory, venue decor, horrific on-stage antics from their stage demons & DJs, plus a gruesome twist on all their prizes. This one is nearly sold out, so don't hold back and get them tickets now!


Find tickets for Bingo Lingo - Halloween Special - here



EBGB's Halloween Special

When: Monday 31st October 2022

Where: EBGBs in Liverpool

Finally, if you're feeling a bit more inclined towards live music instead of late-night clubbing this Halloween, then don't worry EBGB's has got your back. They have put together a gig with all the best up-and-coming Liverpool bands, all of which will be on stage dressed up in the silliest Halloween costumes they can find. However, if they're doing it, I'm afraid you have to as well, it's only fair really ain't it? So, finish off the Halloween weekend with a bang and don't miss out on this. Just be scareful, you won't want to go back to work the next day.


Find tickets for EBGB's Halloween Special - here




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