The Ghost of a Thousand Announce new Single - Tour Next Week

New single ‘Knees, Toes, Teeth’ set for release 2nd November 2009, Plus Eastpak Antidote tourdates in October

Eva Oyon

Date published: 30th Sep 2009

Tom Lacey – Vocals / Keys | Jag Jago – Guitar / back-ups  |  Memby Jago – Drums / back-ups  |  Gareth Spencer – Bass  |  Andy Blyth – Guitar / back-ups


“This is a definite shout for album of the year.” – Rock Sound (9 / 10)


“One of the albums of the year.” – Kerrang! KKKK


The Ghost of A Thousand are set to release their second single from this year’s critically acclaimed album ‘New Hopes, New Demonstrations’ on 2nd November. Titled ‘Knees, Toes, Teeth’, vocalist Tom Lacey has the following to say about the track - “It’s just a shit storming rock'n'roll song. It’s a full on little number, big sweary chorus, big riffs, big solo, big old drums... it’s the tune that AC/DC would write if they grew up listening to Converge rather than Zeppelin!”

The strong rock’n’roll aesthetic of the song is brought to life visually with the video that accompanies the single. Lacey states “It’s a loving tribute to one of our favourite bands, The Hives, set in an abandoned mine no less, and features our good selves rocking it out whilst the rock'n'roll we unleash collapses the mine and the city above it, complete with special effects and even a little bit of acting from the band.”


Continuing their punishing tour schedule which has included performances at Reading and Leeds festivals as well as appearances at numerous heavyweight festivals in mainland Europe this summer, The Ghost of A Thousand will embark on the Eastpak Antidote Tour which traverses a significant chunk of Europe throughout October. The tour will be headed up by Alexisonfire and Anti-Flag but The Ghost of A Thousand will inevitably leave their mark, having already made a name for themselves with visceral and cathartic live shows which are, above all, a lot of fun to be a part of. Lacey is excited to say the least - “The Eastpak tour is quite simply the best bill to grace these and European shores for a long time - you've got everything there – straight-up punk fury, hardcore riffage, killer choruses, and a load of handsome dudes prancing about for your viewing and aural pleasure. All in all a tour to moisten the brow and underpants of any rock fan!”


EASTPAK ANTIDOTE LIVE DATES (w/ Alexisonfire, Anti-Flag and Four Years Strong) –


7 Oct 2009 JUNCTION:                    Cambridge

8 Oct 2009 UEA:                               Norwich

9 Oct 2009 ACADEMY:                    Oxford

10 Oct 2009 ROCK CITY:                  Nottingham

11 Oct 2009 ANSON ROOMS:      Bristol

13 Oct 2009 CONCORDE 2             Brighton

14 Oct 2009 HMV FORUM:           London

16 Oct 2009 ABC:                             Glasgow

17 Oct 2009 UNIVERSITY:              Leeds

18 Oct 2009 ACADEMY:                  Manchester

20 Oct 2009 ACADEMY:                  Birmingham

21 Oct 2009 PYRAMID CENTRE:   Portsmouth

23 Oct 2009 DEN ATELIER              Luxembourg

24 Oct 2009 POSTBAHNHOF:       Berlin

25 Oct 2009 ROXY:                           Prague

27 Oct 2009 WERK 2:                      Leipzig

28 Oct 2009 LONGHORN:              Stuttgart

29 Oct 2009 BACKSTAGE WERK: Munich

30 Oct 2009 Z7:                                 Pratteln

1 Nov 2009 GASOMETER:              Vienna

2 Nov 2009 Musicdrome:              Milan

4 Nov 2009 L’ESPACE JULIEN:      Marseille

5 Nov 2009 APOLO:                        Barcelona

6 Nov 2009 JOY ESALVA:                Madrid

7 Nov 2009 KAFE ANTZOKI           Bilbao

9 Nov 2009 ELYSEE MONMARTE: Paris

10 Nov 2009 SCHLACHTHOF         Wiesbaden

12 Nov 2009 HOF TER LO              Antwerp

13 Nov 2009 E WERK:                    Koln

14 Nov 2009 MELKWEG:               Amsterdam

15 Nov 2009 DOCKS:                     Hamburg

17 Nov 2009 BREW HOUSE:          Gothenburg

18 Nov 2009 KLUBBEN:                 Stockholm

20 Nov 2009 RYTMIKORJAAMO: Seinajoki

21 Nov 2009 NOSTURI:                  Helsinki