Stanley Odd - new Single 'Think of a Number'

Stanley Odd release their second single ‘Think of a Number’ on March 22nd.

Eva Oyon

Date published: 16th Mar 2010

Stanley Odd release their second single ‘Think of a Number’ on March 22nd. 'Think of a Number' has featured on Best Of Myspace and the track has received national airplay on Vic Galloway's BBC Radio 1 Introducing show, Dan Hegarty's show on RTE 2FM and Eddy Temple-Morris' Remix show on XFM.
 The band that is Stanley Odd was born somewhere between the summer solstice and the winter equinox of 2008. Seasoned musical combatants their encounter was destined, some even say foretold. This new concord is a force hard to resist and their brand of infectious funky electro hip-hop receives rave reviews and excites audiences wherever they perform. Contagious grooves and the soulful voice of Veronika Electronika provide the backdrop to Solareye’s lyrical genius, biting social commentaries from everyday events. Open your ears and let the sound in and ye shall hear!
‘Oddio’, the debut album by Stanley Odd, is out on 31st May 2010. ‘Oddio’ is for those people that get tongue-tied talking to girls; clumsy people that dance awkwardly in their bedrooms; people that are generally uncomfortable in social situations; those for whom fashion-sense is an oxymoron; avid readers of science fiction and comic books; girls who drink tonic wine; anyone who prefers literary figures to viewing figures; disciples and architects of counter-culture. Stay Odd.
 Stanley Odd's debut single, ‘The Numbness’ (Oct. 2009) and accompanying video saw rave reviews across both printed and online media, and received strong support from national and regional radio. The single was featured on Vic Galloway's Introducing show on BBC Radio 1, John Kennedy's X-Posure show on XFM, Jim Gellatly’s New Music show on Radio Magnetic and Ireland’s RTE 2FM. Best Of Myspace feature for the singles, ‘The Numbness’ in November 2009 and ‘Think of a Number’ in March 2010.
 “Scottish MCing par excellence... witty lyricism and tight delivery ...a sweet female vocal hook that sticks to the musical pallet like peanut butter... expect to see more of them in the coming months” - Glasswerk
“…confident and cheeky rhymes” – Certified Banger
2009 saw further success for Stanley Odd, with a headline slot at Edinburgh’s Hogmany celebrations.
“...they were brilliant, great band, totally engaged with the audience, never seen Waverley as up for it”
– Stuart Nisbey, Edinburgh Hogmany festival programmer
Describing their sound as like ‘A million bar-codes all getting scanned at once’, Stanley Odd’s line up goes as follows. Solareye -rap vocals, random antics and jacket theft, Veronika Electronika – singing and shaking what her momma gave her, B Dot  - drums, electronics and other stuff you can hit, AdMac -bass and beard, Kamarata Kamerun - guitars, Norweggie rage and T L O - keys, questions and answers. Guest musicians on 'Oddio' include Signy Jakobsdottir - percussion and Bryan Jones - cuts and bruises.
‘Welcome to the Odd-yssey, paranoiac words & awkward beats
walking the dichotomy - organic & technology
music for soul and body, holding court on lost philosophy
just my oddity – Stanley Odd because I've got to be’
"Live Hip-Hop is a tough nut to crack, but Stanley Odd are doing their best to bust it open. Groove-wise, this is an Edinburgh band who bizarrely want to combine the riffs of Rage Against the Machine, the flow of The Roots and the pop suss of N-Dubz. They're almost there too. With bass, drums, guitar and keys backing up the female vocals of Veronika Electronika, the main focus however is on the rhymes. I love to hear rappers using their own accent, diction and turn of phrase. Solareye from Stanley Odd does exactly this and so ends up sounding like himself. Maybe an Edinburgh accent will filter through into Hip-Hop, maybe not... but Stanley Odd will keep on trying!"
- Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1 & Radio Scotland
“2010 could well be the year to catapult Stanley Odd to the forefront of Scotland's music scene” – The Scotsman
“Rap music that will appeal to jazz junkies, funk fans and hip-hop headz alike.” - The Skinny
“One of the most thoughtful and entertaining acts of the Scottish hip hop scene." - The List
Catch STANLEY ODD live at the following venues, with a UK tour to be announced soon
March 21st - The Royal Hotel, Penicuik, Midlothian / March 22nd - SINGLE LAUNCH - The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh   March 25th - Hope and Anchor, Islington  / May 8th - Twa Tams, Perth