Skiddle's top 20 Christmas songs

Enjoy Skiddle's top twenty Christmas songs from wholesome family tunes to ones that'll make grandma spit out her Brussels sprouts.

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 18th Nov 2022

It’s not long now before we get tipsy in the middle of the day, pile out plates high with pigs in blankets, and fall asleep on the sofa watching Christmas movies. And one of the best parts of the holidays is the Christmas tunes that come along with it. 

We asked the Skiddle team for their favourite Christmas songs. From the cheery to the aggressive, unhinged to the wholesome, here are our top twenty Christmas tunes. 


I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake 

They said there'll be snow at Christmas / But instead it just kept on raining” - is there a more relatable Christmas lyric for Brits than this? When was the last time we saw snow at Christmas? Although it's commonly considered a Christmas song, Lake said he wrote it in protest of the commercialisation of Christmas. Whether you listen to it for or against Christmas, it’s a tune. 



Christmas In Hollis - Run-DMC 

Christmas songs tend to lack swagger, but this Xmas track by Run-DMC definitely isn’t. Christmas In Hollis samples Back Door Santa, Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, and Joy to the World. A bit bizarre? Maybe, but it bangs. And the lyrics are golden.



Holidays Are Coming… - Coca-Cola advert

Was this a serious answer? Probably not. But the Coca-Cola Christmas adverts are the sign Christmas is coming, and it’s actually pretty good, so…



Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

The definition of “oldie but a goldie”. Brenda Lee was only 13 years old when she first recorded this festive banger. Despite her age, her voice is rich and full. And we’ll always welcome a saxophone solo with open arms. 



Father Christmas - The Kinks 

Another Christmas song with unusual lyrics, Father Christmas by The Kinks is about poor kids beating up a man dressed as Santa, telling him to give toys to the “little rich boys” and give them money instead. “Have yourself a merry merry Christmas / have yourself a good time / but remember the kids who got nothing / while you're drinking down your wine”.



It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Andy Williams

Ding dong, ding dong.” What a tune! A proper old-school choice, this tune is as Christmassy as it gets, detailing sledging, carolling, spending time with loved ones and more. As blissful as it gets.



Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run

Dripping in swagger, Chuck Berry’s Run Rudolph Run is a simple 12-bar blues Christmas tune. A lovely change from those mellow Christmas songs that tend to sound the same, stick this one on your playlist to add a bit of soul and good vibes to your Xmas. 



Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon

Another anti-war song, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), John Lennon said he wrote it because he was “sick of White Christmas”. Fair play. In 2012, a UK-wide poll revealed it to be our tenth favourite Christmas song.



Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano

A certified Christmas banger, Feliz Navidad never misses. A completely different vibe from all other commercial Christmas songs, it has a lot more pep and energy, sounding genuinely excited for the holidays. 



Christmas Riddim - Boy Better Know (Skepta, JME, Jammer, Frisco, Shorty)

If you don’t like Christmas songs, maybe it’s because the lyrics can be a bit cringey. So we’re grateful to have been blessed with this banger by Boy Better Know. With lyrics including, “Round here the bells don't jingle / Fly-kick the man with the beard and wrinkles”, we’ve got a Christmas tune without tired clichés. 



Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

A questionable suggestion? Yep. A serious suggestion? We’re not sure. But for those who grew up with Bieber fever, this is sure to bring back a lot of memories. 



Runaway - The Night Before Clip

Funny and festive, The Night Before is a great movie with a cracking Kanye-inspired scene. Who would’ve thought a Kanye tune would bring up Christmassy feelings? 



Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass - All Time Low 

It’s not a phase! Maybe don’t blast this pop-punk Christmas banger when grandma comes around. Or do… if you’re a little menace. 



(WTFAMP) The Christmas Song - Letters to Cleo

Most of all, where the f*ck are my presents?” Letters to Cleo nailed our first thought when we throw the duvet off us on Christmas morning. It’s all about the presents, baby. 



Underneath the Tree - Kelly Clarkson

What a voice! Kelly Clarkson smashed it with this one. We definitely prefer it to Mariah Carey’s overplayed contribution. The big band, belting vocals, and feel-good vibe perfectly encapsulates the joy the holidays bring. 



Stop The Cavalry - Jona Lewie 

Another anti-war song that became more of a Christmas tune than anything else, Stop The Cavalry is one of the most British Christmas songs to exist. One poll revealed it as the fourth most popular Christmas song in Ireland. 



Christmas Is Awesome - Reuben 

Throw your horns in the sky and keep the hard riffs slamming through the holidays with Christmas Is Awesome. If you want to scream about your love of Christmas at the top of your lungs, this is the perfect song to do so. 



Wonderful Christmastime - Paul McCartney

If anyone has a Christmassy voice, it’s Paul McCartney. The only problem is you’ll probably have this stuck in your head until NYE. 



Happy Holidays, You B*stard - Blink-182

Another one you probably shouldn’t play while the whole family tuck into Christmas dinner, this Blink tune is… a typical Blink tune. It perfectly encapsulates the chaos and panic the holidays Christmas can bring when you realise you’ve barely wrapped any presents. Relatable. 



The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) - The Chipmunks

 What can we say? There are some truly unhinged members of the Skiddle team. 



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