Skiddle Mix 063 - Frankee (RAM Records)

An hour of blistering D&B and jungle is the latest mix to come hurtling out of the Skiddle speakers - listen here.

Jimmy Coultas

Last updated: 10th Mar 2015

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It's been a while since we had a D&B mix tear us a new one on our Mixcloud, Soul:ution's Bane, so we're excited that just in time for the first weekend in March, rising star Frankee has delivered us this storming mix with close to fifty tracks crammed on it - stream it below.


Skiddle Mix 063 - Frankee (RAM Records) by Skiddle on Mixcloud


As well as a truckload of his own remixes and productions there's a number of classic jungle tracks and old drum led anthems from a plethora of stars in the genre, including Omni Trio, Wilkinson, Adam F and the main man of the RAM Records, the record label Frankee reps, Andy C.

He's part of the huge drum and bass bill at Wonderland on Sunday 5th April for Motion, where he'll be joined by the likes of Friction, Sub Zero and Harry Shotta. We caught five minutes with him to talk the mix and his enduring love of jungle.

So the mix you've delivered for us; is this reflective of the sound of Frankee in 2015 then? Which tracks in particular on there have been big for you so far?

The mix is very much reflective of my sound. I’ve included pretty much everything I have ever released past and present and then added a chunk of old d&b/jungle that are just a small selection of the tunes that got me into the music in the first place. Anyone who has seen me dj live will know that I love to tease in old classics.

I think as far as tracks that have been big for me I would have to say ‘Black heart/Wonderland’ as it was my first big release and the buzz that was surrounding it when it came out has yet to be topped.

You'll be repping the label at LEAF festival, looking forward to it?

I’m always looking forward to djing wherever and whenever I’m doing so. Although I haven’t played at Oval space before I have heard good things so I am definitely excited about it! 

Your All Four One EP (above) was released last month, and although there's a definite soulful vibe on 'Deep Down' the other three tracks are much more in your face with flavours of darker tech sounds and even jump up.

How happy are you with the way it's been received, and is this a policy for your productions now to balance the darker edges of your sound with more accessible strains?

I like to think my production is varied. I don’t like to produce just one style as I think that just gets boring after a while. I’ve got loads of different projects open constantly all in there own style so I don’t get bored too easy. 

You've had big support from the likes of Mistajam and Annie Mac in the past, how important is radio still for helping break artists and exposing them to wider audiences?

Having names like those guys supporting my music is priceless - the reach they have is phenomenal. There's always a chance people who don’t know what d&b is and have never heard it will be listening, so it's great exposure. 

Like most D&B producers you're a big jungle fan as well. Why is that ravey period of time still so alluring for us all musically?

I can only really speak for myself here, but the nostalgic feeling I get when I hear old music I haven’t heard in a while is something very special and unique. It's music that brings back memories to a particular time in my life when everything was beginning. 

Finally what else can we look forward from you in the near future? 

Loads of new music to come…


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