Richard Swift - Double Album out Soon!

UNCUT magazine on Richard Swifts double album - it's little short of magnificent. The onset of a major talent.

Chay Woodman

Date published: 7th Sep 2006

Richard Swift (double album) ‘The Novelist / Walking Without Effort’ - Polydor/Secretly Canadian, 18/09/06.

Acclaimed in US underground circles as a lone Gershwin, the enigmatic Richard Swift's lofi, sepiatone style harkens back to the tin pan alley age. The Orange County native spent much of his youth experimenting with a fourtrack recorder, before honing his skills as keyboardist in shoegazer rock troupe, Starfly 59 and in his own ambient-electronic outfit, Instruments of Science and Technology. His influences span Bob Dylan to early seventies dub acts including the Congos and Lee Perry.

Emerging as one of the highlights at this year's SXSW festival with a string of brilliant performances, showcasing his many gifts as a sparkling entertainer, singer and pianist, Richard Swift has just completed a UK tour supporting My Morning Jacket, headlining a couple of his own shows in Liverpool and London.

You may ask now 'Who is Richard Swift?' but he’s certainly one to watch, you'll be hearing more from this singular talent in the forthcoming months. Our first introduction in the UK will be through the double album, The Novelist / Walking Without Effort (''s little short of magnificent. The onset of a major talent' Uncut) which will be released on Polydor / Secretly Canadian.

The Novelist is a succinct, eight song, nineteen minute long, audiophile archivist experiment - immediately ushers the listener deep into the recesses of Swift's creative core for a kaleidoscopic trip aboard an intergalactic vaudevillian steamship with a speakeasy code-word. Yet, "The Novelist" is only one small manifestation of Swift's entire musical manifesto.

Walking Without Effort - the second part of this double album is the first, and perhaps most deceptively complex, yet decisively understated, Swift release to date. A slight step eastward from the eclectic musings of "The Novelist", "Walking Without Effort" intentionally paints another image, and baptizes believers born-again into Swift's unique brand of sonic schizophrenia. Gramophones are replaced by 8-tracks and Persian rugs are covered with shag, as Swift nods to the early 70's solo efforts of McCartney and Harrison, while waving to Burt Bacharach and Van Dyke Parks. They're just passers-by as he drives down main street in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Experience your first taste of the talented Richard Swift, by downloading this superb gem-of-a-track ‘Losing Sleep’, for free taken from The Novelist/Walking Without Effort.

Richard Swift's UK debut album Dressed Up for the Letdown will be released in February 2007.

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