Review of Eric Ness' new E.p

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, it's a glam-jazz extraveganza... it's better than it sounds, even though it sounds freakin' awesome.

Daniel Burt

Date published: 26th Feb 2010

Eric Ness E.P

So, once again we have to turn to Norway for a refreshing pop blast of glam-jazz; its been so long since a British band turned out some relevant Glam-Jazz Id almost forgotten how it sounded. Eric Ness E.P. kicks off with a burlesque, slick trumpet riff on All the things you are, as Ness harmonizes about his shortcoming, crafting nifty melodies accompanied by honky pianos and slick walking basslines pervade around his energetic delivery.

I hope the genre alone wont put off purist indie fans (whoever they are they sound like they all need a good meal) as all three songs here are remarkably accessible and, unlike some other singer-songwriters I could mention, he is completely lacking in self-conscious cool, laboured sounding pathos or loutish clichés based on chavvy nights out. Ness concerns himself more with consistently engaging songwriting, sneaky play on words and gleeful harmonies (see the opening to Supah Glue) the 12 or so minutes of music on display here show more musical inventiveness and catchy melodies than most artists entire careers.

This E.P was in support of Ness first visit to the U.K earlier this year and it would be a real shame if he didnt get the recognition it deserved as the songs twist and turn with the emphasis on pop rather than mere instrumental exhibitionism and lyrically hes never less than engaging.


Daniel Burt