Party Proactive Presents Queen Maxine

Twice voted amongst the worlds top 100 djs by the readers of DJ Magazine, Queen Maxine has been rocking dancefloors worldwide for the best part of twenty years with her trademark dirty house and electro beats.

Paul Jack

Date published: 18th Jan 2007

Well what a year that was! Party Proactive blazed a trail through Clubland in 2006 with a series of sellout parties at London’s legendary Turnmills venue, and now it’s back for more…

On Saturday 24th March, Party Proactive holds court once again at the hallowed Clerkenwell institution for the first of it’s 2007 dates, Party Proactive present “The Awakening”!

Never one to rest on their laurels, they have conjured up a plethora of world class DJs from across the globe including Techno messiah, Axel Karakasis (recently voted at 90 in the DJ Mag top 100 poll) and Israeli Psy Trance temptress, Dali.

In contrast to the tougher sounds of T1, we bring you Fafa Monteco from Paris’ Redlight club alongside London hotshot Jonny Arthur and perennial Party Proactive favourite (she’s guested more times than any other DJ) HRH Queen Maxine! 

Twice voted amongst the worlds top 100 djs by the readers of DJ Magazine, Queen Maxine has been rocking dancefloors worldwide for the best part of twenty years with her trademark dirty house and electro beats. A favourite with the boys and girls of the gay scene, she has taken her sound to Trade, DTPM, and not forgetting her very own legendary party, Kitty Lips.

I caught up with her to get the low down on where it all started, what she’s been up to in recent years, and what we can expect from her at Party Proactive…

So Maxine, where did it all begin for you, and did you ever imagine back in the early days that spinning records would become such a major aspect of your life?

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d be involved in music, especially as my career training was in video and not sound. I certainly wouldn’t change a thing; I love dance music and adore playing to a crowd. I started dj’ing back in the early 80s, playing jazz funk, rare groove, and hip-hop. Then in 1986, I discovered house music and have never looked back since!

Over the years, you have played for the now infamous after party, Trade. Everybody who djs there seems to have great memories or stories to tell. Why do you think Trade was so special, and any memories you might want to share with us now?

It was an awesome club, filled with amazing people. I think the timing for Trade was just right — uncharted territory where complete and utter hedonism ruled the waves. Anything could happen, and boy did it!

Give me five of your all time favourite records…

Strings of Life — Mayday
Access — Misjah & DJ Tim
Everybody Loves the Sunshine — Roy Ayers
The Bends - Radiohead
Golden Lady — Stevie Wonder
Yes I know… a very eclectic mix!

Dj’ing over a period of almost 2 decades is a great achievement! You must have played at some amazing events during this time. What have been your highlights so far, both in the UK and abroad?

Playing and co-hosting the main tent at London Gay Pride ’97 and ’98 was awesome — 11,000 people going berserk in a giant marquee was a sight to behold.  I’ve dj’d for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, and Prince — they were wild parties! Oh, and the closing down party at the old Chep Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong was brilliant!!

2006 has not only been a fantastic year for Party Proactive, you’ve done pretty well out of it too! I am of course referring to the much hyped (and I’m sure lived up to) DTPM residency…How did that come about and are you enjoying playing Sunday nights at Fabric?

Lee Freeman (DTPM promoter) was on the lookout for DJs playing electro house, so I gave him a demo CD and he loved it.  Simple as that really, you can’t keep a good girl down..!

Electro house really smashed through the underground into the UK charts in a big way this year. Are you encouraged or skeptical when a dance genre hits the mainstream?

Well I have to say personally I believe it’s good, dance music will never hit the dizzy heights of popularity as it did in the mid nineties but if a certain style of music becomes mainstream now surely that’s got to be good for everyone, music bods and punters alike.

Where do you see dance music heading during 2007, and who do you tip for greatness?

Mmmm interesting question, I guess dance music in general with carry on its dalliance with acid sounds.  And I hope techno will continue with its more minimal side because lets face it this style never dies it just reinvents itself.  I think we’ll hear a lot more of people like Pascal Feos, Ricardo Villalobos, Jay Haze, Radioslave (can this guy do any wrong?) and more from Ame and Dan Ghenacia.

On Saturday 24th March, you return for what will be your 4th appearance at Party Proactive, playing alongside Brique Rouge and Hypnotic Music boss, Fafa Monteco. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the party, which now seems to be attracting a great crowd of colourful party people from across the country. What’s your take on the party, and what can we expect from Queen Maxine on the night?

I love Party Proactive it’s just one of those clubs that the promoters have got totally right.  Great music on a great sound system, interesting roster of DJ’s, fab lighting and décor, plus an excellent mixture of people, and of course its at the perfect venue; Turnmills.   I shall be playing my dirty birdy sexy trademark sound, I’m the one dancing around in the DJ booth… and when I’m not in the box you can catch me spinning around to someone else’s set right in the middle of the dancefloor!  LOVE IT!!!

As usual, it was great talking with you Maxine, and we’ll see you on the 24th March, ready to party hard, Proactive style!