Noel Gallagher has been secretly donating to the Manchester victims fund

The singer-songwriter came under fire from his brother Liam for not appearing at Ariana Grande's One Love benefit concert.

Henry Lewis

Date published: 7th Jun 2017

Image: Noel Gallagher/ Absolute Radio

In the wake of the horrendous Manchester bombing that saw 22 killed at Ariana Grande's concert on Monday 22nd May, there is one track that has become the unofficial anthem for the tragic events.

Oasis' 'Don't Look Back In Anger' has rung out at shows and festivals across the UK in recent weeks - our footage of Albert Hall ahead of Sundara Karma's show at Dot to Dot Manchester demonstrates this.

At the benefit concert organised by Ariana Grande, which hit Old Trafford Cricket Ground on Sunday 4th June, saw the singer team up with Coldplay's Chris Martin to deliver a poignant rendition of the track.

Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher also performed at the event and slammed his brother Noel, for not turning up tweeting: "Manchester, I'd like to apologise for my brother's absence last night. Very disappointed. Stay beautiful, stay safe."

He continued, saying: "Noel's out of the f****** country. Weren't we all love. Get on a f****** plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad f***." 

Butt it now appears that while Noel couldn't appear at the show because of a family holiday, he has been donating royalties to the families affected in the attacks, and this goes back before the benefit concert was even arranged.

Radio X presenter Gordon Smart revealed: "It's only right to point out, and I don't think this is public knowledge because I'm sure Noel would never mention it, but I found out today that as soon as 'Don't Look Back in Anger' started to appear spontaneously at the vigils, he made sure all the royalties went back to the families."