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New Order : new Single + two new Dvd's

New Order release 'Waiting for the Siren's Call' plus two Dvd's ' 'A Collection' and 'New Order Story'

Chay Woodman

Date published: 20th Sep 2005


"It’s my favourite track. The backing track’s brilliant, Hooky’s bass is fantastic on it. It made me crap it a bit, because I thought, If I don’t get the vocals right, I’m going to destroy a classic song" – Bernard Sumner

Following the success of the top 10 single, ‘Krafty’ and ‘Jetstream’, the superb collaboration with the Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronix, New Order return with the sublime title track from their eight studio album. ‘Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’ was produced by the New Order themselves and the band consider it to be one of the best tracks they’ve ever made.

Waiting for the Siren's Call is being released on 3 x 7" format only 

"’Waiting For The Sirens’ Call’ is perfection itself" – Guardian

"A superb example of the surging, bittersweet grace of classic New Order" – Uncut

Two Definitive DVD's

New Order release ‘A Collection’ and ‘New Order Story’ on Monday the 3rd October, the same day as their singles collection ‘Singles’. The two DVDs chronicle the unique story and visuals of a band that have gone down in musical history. Through these releases New Order tell their account of a legendary career, through the stories, videos and music that have made them one of the most important British bands of all time.

‘A Collection’ will include all of New Order’s groundbreaking videos, and ‘New Order Story’ contains the 1994 documentary previously only available on VHS, now available on DVD for the very first time.

‘A Collection’, features every single New Order video, including "Bizarre Love Triangle," "Blue Monday," and "True Faith" plus brand new videos for "Temptation" and "Ceremony" (as videos were never originally made for these releases) created exclusively for this compilation. It also includes the video for their forthcoming single from their current album, the title track, "Waiting For The Sirens’ Call". This collection of videos is commercially available for very the first time.

A COLLECTION track list:

The Perfect Kiss
State Of The Nation
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith
Touched By The Hand Of God
Blue Monday ’88
Fine Time
Round & Round
World In Motion
Ruined In A Day
60 Miles An Hour
Here To Stay
Waiting For The Sirens’ Call

NEW ORDER STORY is available for the first time on DVD. This definitive documentary was originally released in 1994 on VHS and has long been considered to be key in documenting New Order’s remarkable history. A collection of twenty one clips interspersed with interviews, it tells New Order’s story through their and their friend’s words, including soundbites from celebrities such as Bono. Over two and a half hours long, it takes you through New Order’s journey, from the early days of Joy Division, up to the release of Republic, taking in all the stories, characters and ideas that have played a part in the making of the band along the way.

New Order....

New Order formed in 1980, in Manchester, England. They have released six studio albums, and 34 singles, including a Number One, World In Motion, and the best-selling 12" single of all time, Blue Monday. Their innovative, artistic videos and inspirational LP artwork have won international awards.

They were part-owners of Manchester’s world-famous Hacienda nightclub and Dry bar.

New Order have changed the face of pop music, crafting emotional music on machines, conjuring romance with flint- eyed lyrics, soul with a diamond centre, brilliance that sells millions. They make electronica for rock fans, future- disco for post-punks, heart music for head people, art for drunks. They unite loved-up acid heads, dressed-down musos, handbaggers, housewives, "spotty students and football hooligans": Bernard.

They prove that cleverness and bloody- mindedness and beauty and wit can beat rock at its own clod- hopping game. No photos. No encores. No compromise. Just exhilarating, life-changing, lose-your-mind-find-your- feelings noise.

New Order still live in Manchester, England.

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