Lee Walls: Preston's got a really good vibe going on

With Fam* at the forefront of our minds once again this coming Saturday in Preston it was only right that we spoke to Lee Walls who will appear on the night. Read our interview here...

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Date published: 21st Feb 2014

Lee is everything to get excited about, boasting an impressive CV holding down residencies at the Zoo Project Ibiza, Panorama and most recently Kaluki. He also possesses an inventory of big appearances at the likes of Pacha - London and was an integral part of a Mixmag tour. Lee spoke about his experiences of Ibiza back in the day, his current goings on and gave us an insight into some of his favourite tracks. 

Has DJing always been your full time occupation?

Unfortunately DJ'ing is not my full time income, I have a steady day job too! It seems unless you've got a few eps under your belt you can't rely on being booked two or three times a week. The day job pays reasonably well and allows me to enjoy playing as and when asked.

Do you plan in the future to get a few EPs under your belt then and make it a full time occupation?

It's a work in progress. I've been working on some tracks with Ryan Heath and Danny Gomez, two good friends who collectively consist of a talented musician and a lifelong producer. We all bring something different to the table which is good when we're on form but can lengthen the process of agreeing when a track is complete. We're really confident about the last track, enough to get it out there and see what labels bite.... If any!

Still though, you've held some impressive residencies and played some top venues, which one do you hold in the highest regard and did you enjoy the most?

It's hard to choose really, playing last at the Zoo Project was amazing every time, those were sets that I can almost remember every track I played. It was before the Zoo became wide open in my opinion, it was full of musically clued up people who seemed to be in the moment as much as I was! Playing the main room at basics when it was at Stinky's was class, the Funktion One seemed to do all the work, you couldn't go wrong.

What's your opinion on the new generation of Ibiza goers then in comparison with the experience of Zoo Project you described?

Ibiza has, as cliched as it sounds, still got that vibe. It hits you as soon as you get off the plane and there's loads of good quality underground nights that still provide the desired experience. As with most club nights that are a major success, the bigger they get more people go and they almost become commercial. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's great that people who have no knowledge of house music can go somewhere that offers something new to them and hopefully it opens their eyes to a new sound.

When nights are fresh they have that element of the unknown, like the early days of Circo Loco at DC10. Very few people knew of its existence. You would get there on Monday morning and hear Luciano, Tanya Volcano, and Loco Dice etc, who at the time were relatively unknown. The atmosphere at DC10 is still electric but it lacks the essence of the underground that it once had.

Talking of club nights, tell me about your most recent residency at Kaluki?

It's been amazing, Lee Spence, Nick Yates and the rest of the team have done so well to make the night what it is. It's going from strength to strength, every event seems to be better than the last. The line ups always have credible variety. Dixon at WHP was something to behold! As well as booking the big boys, they keep their ears to the ground by booking local up and coming DJs too which is important for all club nights in my opinion. It's always a pleasure playing for kaluki, it attracts a decent crowd. The atmosphere is always top notch.

Track you’ll open your next set with?

I don't really plan my sets I just got with the vibe at the time. I'd like to start with NTFO - Unudoitrei on Kiara Records. It's got a really nice kick and the drop is class.

Track you’d play to rescue a dancefloor?

A sure fire rescue tune is Recloose - Dust (Induceve remix). Recloose is one of my favourite producers, Jesse Rose and Dave Taylor spice it up.

Ideal track for an Ibiza sunset?

I've always been a fan of Mark Farina - Dream Machine

A track of more recent times that deserves more recognition than it's getting?

TCTS - These Heights (Greco Roman soundsystem remix). I thought it'd get hammered.

The question you'll get asked hundreds of times, favourite track and producer?

That really is mood dependent. I never got bored of Roy Davis Jr – Gabrielle, Peven Everett's vocal is timeless. As for my favourite producers, again tough question. If pushed, I'd say Andre Lodemann, not so much his last couple of releases though. The complexity of tracks like Riven Reminiscences and his Akabu remix blow me away.

Are you yet to experience Fam* and are you looking forward to it?

I've never actually been unfortunately. I've heard loads of good things though. Preston's got a really good vibe going on. Nights like For No Reason and Don't Ask have always delivered. So yes, really looking forward to it.

What can we expect from you on the night and why should people come on Saturday?

My sets always vary, I just see how I feel on the night, so you can expect a variety of tracks, anything from reboot new ep to some old spirit catcher stuff. People should come to support a local night that's providing decent DJs in a decent surrounding, as I said I've only heard good things, so why go elsewhere!

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