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Kid Massive Interview

From DJ gigs in India with VH1, to Dutch festival slots name it, Kid Massive’s done it, such are his DJing skills

Eva Oyon

Date published: 7th Nov 2009

We caught up with him to get the low down….


Kid Massive is quite an unusual name, what’s the story behind why u choose it?

I actually used to play drum and bass back in the day when it was called jungle. I went by the name DJ Massive but found myself moving more towards house and techno and thought a change was in order. I’ve always been a massive fan of hip hop and NYC based DJ Kid Capri was one of my early heroes, so I just added Kid in front of Massive and hey presto!

In your own words how would you describe your music?

I play a mixture of dirty, crunky dutch flavored beats but with a distinct UK feel. I also love pianos and screaming vocal divas. The music has to be jacking with bounce as that’s what I get off to personally, so that’s what my DJ style reflects. I actually produce what I play, so check out beatport and have a listend to my tracks for a break down of my style.

When your first got into music and djing, who were your main musical influences and do you think they still have an impact on your sound and music choice now?

I was really into hip hop and have always admired the early producers like Eric B & Pete Rock - the way they used samples to create something unique. That got me hooked on to dance music in a big way. My early tracks where all very disco inspired and I used to have all of DJ Sneak's records, as well as the entire catalogue from the US label Henry Street, who for me were the purveyors of disco house. I don’t really follow anyone these days, I respect producers for what they are doing but I try to create my own sound.

I would say im inspired by, but I never copy other people’s work.

You’ve spent a lot of time recently in the studio working on new material and remixes, what can we expect from your new tunes?

I have held back on releasing any new material up until recently, as 2008 was a huge year for me production and remix wise. I chose to do only a handful of remixes and originals this year, so as not to saturate the market with my material. I've got two tracks out on Tiestos Black Hole Records, signed three to Stealth Records, plus a few more to Kosmo Records, Strictly Rhyhtm , Star69 and Gossip. Remix wise, I've only done about eight but they all turned out to be pretty big tunes for me which is great! Big news is that I'm currently working on a Kid Massive artist album for my label Audiodamage Records due for release by summer next year. Also, Michael Gray and I have teamed up to do the first compilation for my label, entitled Global Series 01, to be released at the end of November. It's got tracks and remixes from the likes of Prok & Fitch, Bingo Players, David Penn, Filthy Rich and new exclusives from myself and Full Intention.

You have remixed numerous other artist but are you flattered when another djs remix your own work like what Genji Yoshida has done to to your huge club banger Keep it Coming, or do you get nervous they might ruin the song?

Genji did a fantastic job on his remix. I loved the way he turned my main room track into a deep and dirty monster. It's always fun to hear what other come up with. The only thing that can sometimes be a bit annoying is when it’s a vocal track and they don’t listen to how the vocals are laid down, so they put it in off beat compared to the original. But that rarely happens.

Your playing at Pacha in London soon, how does playing to your home crowd compare to playing to an international audience, is it nice to come home after all that traveling around the world?

I have been all over the world this year and covered half of Europe, South America, Australia, India and Sri Lanka so it's been varied and great experiencing new audiences all the time. Playing at Pacha is actually a first, so I'm really looking forward to it and I've heard it’s a sight to behold when the Kinky Malinki crowd descend upon the club. And this time it's just a cab ride home which makes it even better, ha ha.

Do you ever get homesick and if so, what are your top tips to deal with that?

I call home to speak to my better half every day and it really does make things easier. It's an expensive exercise at times but worth every penny! I just try to maintain a bit of normalcy when I'm touring for longer periods and take my laptop so I can get work done, pack my gym gear, eat healthily and keep normal hours - well apart from the gigs themselves of course!

What are your future plans for 2010?

As I mentioned, I'm working on my debut artist album and I'm looking to work with artists like Tara Mcdonald, Robert Owens, Max C, MC Flipside, Elliotte Williams n dure and Hanna hais. That's going to be a very big focus and should be out by June 2010.

My label Audiodamage Records has been doing exceptionally well gaining more and more support from across the board, with people like Laidback Luke, Roger Sanchez, FLG regularly playing our material. So there's a big push behind that in the coming year. We're signing a label deal with One Love in Australia, a sub label to Sony BMG, which is really exciting and should give us more exposure on that side of the world and touring to coincide with it. And finally, there are more tasty Audiodamage Records Global Series compilations in the pipeline.  

So, keeping busy as per usual!


Catch Kid Massive at Kinky Malinki at Pacha on the 14th of November!