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Ki Creighton :: Welcome to MY House July2004

Ki Creighton (circus) talks us through the tracks currently frequenting his love shack of a record box in the clubs and dancefloors of the UK at the moment.

Richard Dyer

Date published: 13th Jul 2004


Ki Creighton (circus) talks us through the tracks currently frequenting his love shack of a record box in the clubs and dancefloors of the UK at the moment. Ki will be making a much welcomed appearence in the skiddle/refine tent at this years Wickerman Festival alongside some of our finer showcase DJ's. For more information please visit - take it away Ki!



Ty tek & lil mike-party ride(Sondos)
Getting massive reactions all over the place is this hot new offering from the "Sondos" camp. Punchy beats and percussive rhythms lead the groove with analogue effects and snares thrown into the boiler.
But its when the baseline and freaky vocal hits home that the track really stirs the loin.

Very dirty and wobbly its pure head infecting and not for the faint hearted. On remix duty is France's finest Mr. David Duriez who stirs thing up in a crazy acid tinged fashion a big track for me

Mike Dixon-alienz(classic)
Does this label ever put out just a mediocre track? The answer to that is never. I don't know where they get them from but every track is as fresh as the last and the vibe is always so cool and jiggy. Here chi-town stalwart
mike Dixon keeps things boiling with three very hip and boompty tracks the first "classic invaded by alienz" is a slow burner with scat vocals and a bad ass baseline. On the flip "the abduction of Luke Solomon" once again
takes things quite boompty with FX'd squelches and the obligatory head-pounding baseline. The last track of the set is "house alienz" and this time things go up a notch on the pace meter this track is setting my dance floors alight and demands you do the same.

Induceve-time to begin (remixes)(classic)
As I said previously the quality just a keeps a coming, this time it's those "freaks" Solomon and taking the reins and riding this monster home. Their "freakstimetojackredo" mix is absolutely firing with a massive delayed ragga vocal and warped out analogue baseline add to that some fancy studio trickery and all the ingredients are present for a right old stomp. Also on the package are a beats track and a Henrik Schwarz edit.
Its classic just buy it

Harry romero fat Jessica eve-what happened(bambossa)
Hold tight as the "choo choo" is coming at ya and coming in the form of a pure peak time dance floor devastator. This track has destroyed every floor I have played it to, built around a set of pumping beats and analogue
rhythms it wraps its way into your brain with the teasing vocal asking us if "is everything cool, what happened" the baseline cuts through the sound system laser like. Also on the package is a rather tasty dub from the man
like Eric morillo who turns the things into a more trackier affair with fancy studio trickery and a deep dubby baseline. Is everything cool? I think so!

The funk parlor-warehouse muzik(texture)
Another sure fire peak time monster here this time produced by the ever dependable and always funky CZR. The main lick is very chic and filled with disco energy, the vocal hook which sounds very like a young Michael Jackson
wraps itself around the beats and infects the senses giving it that all round feel good factor ten. Also on the package is some very handy effects tracks and beats. The remix retains all the sounds of the original but adds its own dimension on proceedings with a very French sounding baseline

Afropeans feat inaya day-better things (peppermint jam)
Afropeans is the alter ego of none other than mousse t and this track sees the funky German put forward a monster that will no doubt be heading for big things on the white isle. The mixes I have are the "syke n sugarstarr" versions which hold down that massive funky baseline with great attention and accuracy. Inaya's vocal talent as always shines through and lifts the track up to the heady heights. On the flip the dub loses the big break section and cuts things up with a break beat and choppy vocal. The summer is well and truly under way

Sia-where I belong(go beat)
Another record that has lazy summer nights drenched all over it, I just love it when tracks like this with really strong vocals drop. It fills me with excitement to play them out. The mix of this to check is by "wookie" who tears things up a little differently to his usual material and comes out sounding very much like basement jaxx.
The lick is quite bouncy but deep and meaningful with a full chorus vocal and very trendy percussive beats.
Trust me on this its cool as fuck

Soul central-strings of life(danny krivit edit)(defected)
I grew up on this track and can vividly remember it making my nights at places like "the hacienda" "the love shack" and "Wigan pier" so its with open arms and great respect that I welcome it back to the scene.
It's a brave man who takes on such a remix and mr krivit comes out of this one smelling of the sweetest roses. All the elements of the original are present with only the beats and small effects being beefed up. We all remember that piano and synth section as a piece of dance music heritage and it's another feather in "defected" and if I am right "whistle bumps" cap for giving us this classic just one more time

Groove master k & Daniel Garcia-funky traxx vol 3(clubstar)
This has never been of the turntables at both home and the clubs since it dropped a few months ago, "generation" reminds me of "silicone soul's" "right on right on" with its very moody keys, soulful baseline and
percussive latin beats. Twist the slab over and "hold me alive" takes things up a notch and lads firmly on the floor with a French twist.
Proper moody house music that will find its way into many a dj's box over the coming months

Static revenger-breathless(sutil)
Staying with the moody vibe and with the new "static revenger" on spains "sutil" we have aright little deep burner. The track starts of with a female puffing and panting and moves into really deep and percussive territory.
Things take of when the beats and rhytms hit home in a tribal fest of manic bongos and fx'd flutes.
The break gives us a sea of anolouge squelches and that haunting female puffing. The b side sound like peace division meeting danny tenaglia up a dark alley way for a square of with a sequencer.

Martin ten velden-sureshot ep(nocturnal groove)
Before "lolas theme" became the all conquering chart busting Ibiza anthem that its destined to be it started life as an underground burner on the "nocturnal groove" imprint. The second release sees man of the moment martin ten velden take things down a more trackier based route "revolution sureshot" is a full on ride into all things deep funky and devastating with wobbly baselines and subtle piano hits. "Climax" on the b side is a filtered disco tinged filler whilst "the future" is a more mellow affair in a "Miguel migs" vein. Look out for more sure fire winners from simon marlins new venture on these pages in the coming weeks including a real sure fire hit up there with the "shapeshifters"

Armand van helden-my my my(southern fried)
Van the man is back and he is back with a serious bang, "my my my" has been destroying dance floors around the country since a small mail out some months ago and now with the summer season in full swing it looks set to
dominate Ibiza and beyond. There is no doubting this mans studio prowess and with "my my my" he has put out a proper funky house anthem. The tracks structure is built around a filtered groove with "my my my" vocal sample and a phatter than Rick Waller after five curry's baseline. Armand uses all sorts of effects and studio trickery throughout the track. This will be up there in the end of summer charts of that I have no doubt

Dj chus & David penn-will i(azuli silver)
Staying with big summer records and the hits just a keep on coming, penn and chus's "will I" was first road tested back at the Miami music conference and proved to be major winner with all and sundrie, the reactions I have been getting to this say to me cross over hit. It fuses Latin rhythms with tight percussion and an awesome feel good vocal with full chorus and a feeling of emotion. There is a full vocal version or for those who shy away from vocals the b side has a "Mediterranean dub"

Eric prydz & steve angello-woz not woz(c2)

About a hand full of times a year a track comes out that makes you step back from the decks and just watch with baited breath the reactions of the crowd, in "woz not woz" when that string baseline hits home the floor knows its
onto a winner. Mark from c2 kindly gave me his copy of this and since then its found its way into nearly all my sets.The lick is very pumping with cut up filtered beats and what in my opinion is baseline of the year.
Due for release in the next month go search it down and hammer it out