Ki Creighton - Welcometomyhouse November Reviews..

Forward thinking, always moving top jock Ki Creighton takes us through 20 tracks designed to make your feet move and your body rock!

Richard Dyer

Date published: 15th Nov 2004

The man who can, Ki Creighton takes us through the top 20 tracks rocking his world at the moment. The Top Jock plays the loft @ Circus on 27th November, appearing on 6pm the night before! Soon to come is the Christmas party with an appearence from the man himself, as well as forthcoming appearences at Concrete in Carlisle. You can understand now why we try to hold this sucker down!

Apologies to all who tried to get the reviews over the weekend, we had a small data bug. All here now.... (rich)

1/Joey Negro presents akabu-don’t hold back (nrk)
The “skylark” mix of Joey negros’s new project under his akabu guise is currently blowing up all over the place and finding its way into many a dj’s set. Trademark skylark production tricks are present with delayed vocals and swooshing effects riding over cool chunky beats.
As the track breaks and returns slight acid undertones and a deep wobbly baseline take to the fore.
Added to the mixture is an almost old school sampled key section that’s Reminiscent of a classic old rave track that I can’t quite put my finger on Seek this out as it’s the mutts undercarriage.

2/Jason jinx-hold on tight (toolroom trax)
After successful outings on subliminal Jason jinx turns out a right old pounding number for Maidstone’s finest “toolroom” records. I am featuring this very heavily in my sets just now as it stamps its authority on the floor straight away with jacking pounding beats and techy sounding analogue key sample, the vocal rides really well into the groove of the track and adds a little funkier edge to things on the break. Both the “blue bag” and the “black bag” mixes are worth checking as what one lacks the other delivers and vice versa if that makes any sense!.
Watch out for some really fly forthcoming releases from toolroom.

3/Prztz-everybody (classic)
This new classic release sees the always formidable label head to South America to unearth another boompty jacking monster. Prztz is Eduardo marote a well respected funky Brazilian that has worked with some of drum and bass’ big boys and now turns his hand onto the house scene “Everybody” is the title track and in my opinion the strongest of the 4 tracks on offer. The lick is ultra infectious as it jacks its way into your senses with a wobbly baseline and deep and devastating set of undertones that would wake the dead no problem. The vocal sample is a female repeating “everybody funk” and trust me when dropped everybody does. Also on the package is “the king” which is a disco tinged funk soul groover and “phonk promises” which takes us along the deeper melodic sounding vibe but still retains the classic element of jacking fun and funk. another top quality release

4/Inland knights-this belongs to you ep(drop music)
Another mighty fine uk label drops(excuse the pun) another mighty fine slice of deep spaced out wax for the masses to enjoy. “Mikes garage mix” sees edgy choppy beats full of attitude flow alongside wicked Rhodes keys and a moody as fuck sax loop that just demands movement to. Proper deep house with a wicked twisted funky edge. On the flip “in your mind” goes straight for the jugular with a Deep almost Detroit sounding baseline and druggy spaced out early morning atmospheric vibe. I am really pushing this in the clubs seek it out your life demand it.

5/Faithless-miss you less, see you more (cheeky)
A mighty fine double pack of remixes here from one of the best live acts around this year. For the funkier floors I suggest you check the “beginerz” mix with its deep melodic feel and warm subtle undertones the vocal sits really well on the production also. For those who like to crank the party up to full then it has to be either the “switch” edit or the “phela” Detroit mix. The switch edit gets down to business straight away with elasticated warped out beats and a bad ass baseline that chopps things up and returns with an FX’d baseline and vocal cut up.
The “phela” mix takes in a wicked old school warehouse vibe that really does its best work on the dancefloor.

6/Uniting nations-out of touch (gusto)
Call of the search party as the successor to “call on me” has just been n-earthed. It comes in the shape of this massive hall & oates “out of touch” sampling monster from “uniting nations”. The formula is simple take a recognizable well know track from the mid 80’s, this was actually Daryl hall & john oates last ever number one and mould and mutate it around a modern day filtered synth hook the result is a end of year anthem that will hit the top ten on release. On the package there are mixes from “skylab” who turn in a very electro based edit, “tyrell” who goes down the pumping peak time road and a very well produced mix from “vanden plas”.
Its well formulated house but boy does it work.

7/Anthony acid-infatuation/ride da rhythm (subliminal)
The a side “infatuation” track starts of with a delayed vocal infected driving baseline and slowly moves onto a more electro based peak time track. Clever studio trickery and the “infatuation” vocal ride well over the rhythms making this ideal for the jocks who take things tougher and driving. My preference is the b side “ride da rhythm” with its percussive deep house feel. The sample sounds like it has been lifted from the “black legend” track from a few years back. The “ride da rhythm” vocal moves the track onwards and upwards and sets a really nice groove in the process.
Hot stuff from the subliminal camp and Anthony acid

8/Hardsoul-commited (soulfuric trax)
The hardsoul boys return to soulfuric with an awesome piece of jazzy Latin funk house. The a side original mix is a well produced trademark hardsoul production a deep baseline and soothing Rhodes keys make way to percussive rhythms and chunky drums. Flip things over and their “committed to tha 1 dub” beefs things up with a vocal letting us know they are “committed to the funk” the Rhodes keys are more spacey and the vibe is a lot deeper than the original which I dig a lot. The final mix on the package is by “syke n sugarstarr” who turn out a similar soulful edit to the original.
Top class stuff indeed.

9/Alter ego-rocker (skint) *SKIDDLE SO HOT IT BURNS*
Hold on to your hat as when this track drops on a dancefloor you won’t know what’s hit you. It’s as bold and as brassy as anything I have heard in ages, electro in bits and housey in others with an added acid ingredient. It’s aimed at the peak time and has not failed to move any crowd I have seen it dropped on. It’s like the chemical brothers meets daft punk its that good.
Old school drum loops are present and bounce of the electro analogue baseline with great aplomb. With mixes from man of the moment “Eric prydz” and “erol alkan” on board as well as edits from “plasticman” and “earl shilton” this is set to go huge!

We first heard this track at Sankey's and spent the next week trying to find out what it's name was. A late night show on radio one provided the answers and before we know, it was deservingly popping up everywhere. A track to remind you what music is for and restore all faith in the dancefloor. Ten points!

10/Rune-nothing new (variation)
After releases on various labels like credence and underwater rune rk returns with an absolute stormer for nick correlli and Steve mac’s variation imprint. If proper peak time vocal house is your bag then this will definitely warm your cockles this winter season. The package opens with “steve mac’s” vocal mix and what a way to start. Melodic undertones and sweet driving bass lift “morten luco’s” vocal talents to a soulful high very American sounding this mix is doing big things for me just now.

Solid groove’s take on things is a bit darker with percussive beats wobbly baseline’s and chopped up vocals being the order of the day.
The usual fx’d studio trickery is also present for those who dig the darkness.

11/Steve Mac-da canto (c2 trax)
There is no holding the Mac man down at present, now he appears on the new and very credible c2 trax. C2 trax is a sub label of c2 which in turn is now the demonic lovechild of former credence head honcho mark brown. Here Steve takes us down the pumping Latin route with percussive beats and elayed effects going of all over the place. The main baseline is a trumpet laden piano tinged monster that holds the attention of the floor with its relentless assault on the senses. Steve has been doing this kind of house for years and is one of my favorite producers so get this added to your collection or else!

12/Silicone soul-les nocturnes (soma)
The silicone soul boys are back and what a return. Deep warm undertones and trung out keys lead the track into almost old school territory with key stabs and drawn out effects wrapping themselves around every beat. Think mortein geist meets tom Middleton and you won’t be far away. These boys always start of trends and never follow so just watch this blow up in coming months with Pete tong already airing it on his show. “devil drives” on the b-side sees the pace slightly upped but the lick stays the same with trumpets bouncing of swooshing Rhodes keys for that all together deep sweet sound.

13/Dennis ferrer-hit it of/jero (defected)
As defected head to the end of 2004 with another outstanding years worth of releases under their belt and the coveted “label of the year” at the house music awards, we salute you for the services you and your artists bring to the scene. Its tracks like this one from “Dennis ferrer” that really make the mark on me as soulful melodic beats and rhythms bounce elegantly of each other providing a soundscape of lush jazzy disco house for a more mature audience. On the b-side “jero” hits us up with afro chants, percussive beats and drums with spacey guitar snippets and tight production.
This is another fine release from the defected camp but what more do we expect!

14/Holland tunnel project feat su su bobien-u gotta believe (extra large)
If soulful uplifting vocal house is your thing then look no further this month tha this outstanding cut from “Holland tunnel project” with vocals from the very talented ms su su bobien. “U gotta believe” has an old school house party attitude with wah wah guitars and Rhodes keys playing a big part in crafting the vibe. The vocal rides so well over the production and will appeal to kandi heads as well as the deep vocal house massive. The mixes are provided by “kings of soul” who provide the vocal and dub edits with the original mix rounding the package of.

15/kid massive-it’ll be alright (slip n slide)
The slip n slide camp continues their impressive run in 2004 with this highly charged big room peak time number from “kid massive”. It’s straight up house with an energetic baseline and “it’ll be alright” vocal hook sample that rings familiar. The remix comes courtesy of the “beatchuggers” and pumps things up a little more beefing up the drums and adding some filtered action to the baseline. Another label with a good years work under their belt

16/Harrison crump-ride (electric chair)
Head straight to the club mix for a lesson is slow burning as “Harrison crump” takes us on a bumpy journey into house. Fans of the dj Gregory afro house vibe will feel what I mean when hearing this as the filtered keys undermine the wicked vocal to great effect. The percussion on the track is tighter than a nun’s chaff with a great cut up vocal section. This is massive at the moment at the deeper venues I do and will not win any prizes for tune of the year but will sit pretty in the boxes of the jocks who like to take things a bit cooler.

17/Justin martin & Sammy d-cats & dogs (classic)
Classic have to be one of the most consistent and genre busting labels there is. Now they head to San Francisco for their next installment. “Cats and dogs” is backroom house for out there club kids, with wigged out beats and analogue stabs a plenty, and is that “ewan mcgregor” they have sampled? “dressed to grill” goes more for the jugular with a hard jackin old school feel and mad animal noises with what seems like a crow being sampled! I did state they were genre busting. On the flip “cats and dogs” gets the remix treatment courtesy of mark farina and Jacob London. Farinas mix is a melting pot of jacking animal madness and acid undertones whilst “Jacob London” does the wobbly baseline thang with mad squelches and drops.

18/sander Kleinberg-the fruit (little mountain)
Oh boy sander you have a hit on your hands here!. Getting nothing short of amazing reactions every time that dirty grungy baseline drops. Think “flat beat” meets “josh wink” on a cocktail of mushrooms and acid and you still won’t be spot on. Its dirty chopped up break beat house, call it whatever it’s massive and deserves the accolades its getting. Tong is behind it on the essential selection as is the plethora of the big names jocks. Unsure when release is but it will blow well before then.

19/tony Thomas & mastic soul-tribosity/come on sister (moxi)
This double a side from new label “moxi” sees Nottingham stalwart Tony Thomas rinse out some mighty fine beats and rhythms. The lick is quite tribal with squelching effects and chopped up vocal chants. As with a lot of Tony’s productions the baseline is the main attraction as he crafts his lines so well that they reach the pit of your stomach in no time. The b-side has “mastic souls” come on sister which is a percussive ride into darker tinged territory. Spaced out keys and delayed kicks make this essential late night fodder.

20/Sharam jey-feel nobody/slave (underwater)
We end this months reviews with a highly charged electro tinged disco monster from “sharam jey” feel nobody is twisted disco for the chemical generation as mad sequenced squelches bounce from the analogue baseline giving of a feeling of euphoria. Slave is more 4/4 with deep rough edged raw funk and guitar stabs. The analogue baseline is once again present and lifts the track with an old school acid warehouse sample similar to what 808 state used to pioneer.