Ki Creighton - Welcome to MY House...

Ki Creighton returns to talk us through his summer sizzlers already melting dancefloors across the country. Get out, enjoy and come back when we tell ya so. Alright?

Richard Dyer

Date published: 18th Jul 2005

1/Sandy Rivera meets Robert Owens-“just wont do”(blackwiz)

Just wont do is the lead track from the re-launch of Sandy’s own “blackwiz” imprint, coming back at us again with the same array of quality in finesse as before. This release sees sandy team up with the vocal talents of Mr. Robert Owen’s and between them they turn out a gem of a vocal houser. The original track is based around a steady tribal beat with deep undertones and subtle keys alongside the ever familiar Owen’s vocal. Flip things over and the “back 2 black” mix is reminiscent of days gone by on the label, heavy stabs and more punchy beats take the track to a more higher level, this mix has more of the vocal and a rumbling baseline to boot.

Quality stuff to bang us back into the sounds of blackwiz

2/Dj spen presents dj technic-“gabryelle”(defected)

When I first heard this a while back on “code red” I honestly thought it was dj Rolando’s new project as it had more than a fair similarity to “jaguar” in it, turns out I was a million miles of and its now been picked up by defected with some really fly new mixes. The original is present with it’s Detroit style electronic string hook and funky orchestral feel but the ever dependable dude’s at defected have drafted in some heavyweight remixes to take this to the upper level’s. Olav basoski turns his hand to a more pumping big room beats and percussion edit but still retains that all important orchestral hook with twisted keys. The spiritual south mix is completely different and takes us on a ride into all things carnival with chopped up afro beats and stuttering rhythms and yes again the hook is retained.

One of ibiza’s big hitters I have no doubts about that

3/Hughes & spier-“put ya body in it”(elementary group)

Without doubt one of the biggest records of the year so far, this has its
roots firmly planted on the more cooler and funky floors. It’s a big room
record of massive potential very hooky and string laded with a bastard of a
baseline. Think “woz not woz” or “thrill me” when they first hit everyone
was like oh boy, this is the same as the afore mentioned. The groove is also
quite hypnotic and disco without even trying to be. Rumor has it it’s been
blowing up Ibiza in the opening weeks of the season and ya know what I have
absolutely no doubts it is.

4/Soul creation featuring su su bobien-“it’s all right”(soul groove)
The summer is well and truly under way when tracks of this nature drop
through the door. Hugely inspired by the more soulful side of things, this
production alongside the sultry and sexy sounds of su su bobien will have
fans of the soulfuric and naked music vibe foaming at the mouth. Both mixes
differ slightly with the original being a more live affair with very low
subtle sax hits and a very similar baseline to “disco’s revenge”. The b side
mix and personal fave is a more floor friendly affair with really catchy
organ keys and wobbly baseline. Another record that will stand the test of
the summer

5/Rosin Murphy-“if we’re in love”(echo)
Moloko’s leading lady now stands alone for a release that is getting some
heads turning at my venues and other’s up and down the country I am sure.
The lick itself basically sits at 126bpm at +8 so it could be classed as a
slow burner but don’t be fooled by it’s low level beat count, ok I basically
pitch it up to suit my style but it sounds so fresh and different coming
through the system. The mix in question here is the dani siciliano “what
will be will be” remix, the way he seems to eb and flow through the
production dropping in the subtle touches to make things sound so simple but
effective. This wont be everyone’s cup of tea but for me it works.

6/Bob sinclar-“love generation” (yellow)
The scene is circus the dj is Louie vega and the time is around 2am yousef
is about to come on but Louie has one track left, the sounds coming through
the system remind me of days gone by and a feeling of sheer happiness comes
over me, the reason is this absolute gem from bob sinclar pounding through
the system like a bull in a china shop. It’s a memory that will live with me
as a classic club moment, a room full of happy faces is hard to come by in
our club land these day’s. Now down to the track itself bob has based the
groove round a “doobie brothers” sounding guitar loop with the most head
infecting vocal from none other than “Gary pine” from the wailers. The
section with the human whistle sample has such an effect on a floor it’s not
long before the punters are puckering along with the ride. A perfect end of
set or night track don’t take my word for it just ask Louie vega or the 1000
or so happy people at circus that night

7/Dab hands-“supergood”(ten)
More big room action and it comes in the form of “supergood” by the “dab
hands” who are mark Wilkinson and friends. Once again the guitar sample is
present and sounding in the same league as deep dish’s “flashdance” from
last summer. This will be another track that will rock the terrace and pacha
in Ibiza it’s just got that early morning euphoric feel to it. Sweeping keys
and a soaring vocal sample keep things going nicely to a break that will get
the desired effect all over the parish. Not groundbreaking but who cares
when it sounds this good. Quality stuff!

8/Groove injection-“made for dancing” (rocit)
Number four in the rocit series and boy it’s a corcker, pure filtered house
that moves the feet and hips of the floor with an uncanny ease. This will
appeal to a wide variety of dj’s as its appeal is across the board. There is
house, disco and tribal beats and rhythms bouncing in harmony all over the
place and that vocal hook has people singing it well into the shift on a
Monday morning. Been setting alight my sets since dropping and essential if
you like your house with a multitude of sounds

9/Wahoo-“make em shake it”(defected)
What a fantastic title for a track and artist Wahoo “make em shake it” as
ronseal say “it does exactly what it says on the tin” as with every defected
release no expense is spared in hiring in the remixer’s with sandy Rivera ,
isolee and Kenny dope all getting involved here. My two destroyers’
according to club response have to be the original and the sandy Rivera
“blackwiz” club mix. The original has an afro-house sound with bleepy keys
and ragga baseline and the “make em shake it vocal” hook in full effect. The
flip lick by Mr. rivera is quite an emotional ride with drawn out keys, old
school beats and an amazing sounding take on the baseline where he adds an
electronic guitar and stretches out the effects. The other mixes make the
grade also with Kenny dope providing the heavy funk and isolee doing there
jazz bump ride.

10/Al siesta-“I like it like that”(tonedef)
I knew this track could go either way when playing it out to a full club
it’s a track your either going to take with all the sense that it’s meant to
be and go along for the ride or your going to take it with the anal end of
things and turn your nose up to it. Thankfully the dozen or so times I have
played it so far its getting the first opinion. Based around a vocal hook
from a very familiar salsa anthem the track is full of latin and soul fun
and basically sticks two fingers up at those who have a  skeptical outlook
on track’s that like to have a fun element in the production. Nice one
tonedef keep em coming

11/Kings of tomorrow-“another day” (defected)
Kings of tomorrow return with a very classy production for the summer. The
original mix has a very floaty deep spaced out vibe going on with delayed
Rhodes keys riding over chopped up percussion and what sounds like an fx’d
flute. The vocal sits really well into the production but this is k.o.t so
what did we come to expect other than this. The “Fred everything” remix
keeps things deep but has a more twisted edge on the baseline. Flipping the
track over the “fanatix” remix will probably be the mix that will gain more
plays. Its beats are more punchy and tight with a Balearic feel. The vocal
on this mix is longer and holds the attention of the floor better. Another
winner from Rivera & urtega

12/Les rhythms digitales-“Jacques your body”(data)
A lot of you will know the original mix of this track from the crazy
“Citroen” advert where the car turns into a mad as funk dancer and grooves
to some twisted scratched up fx’d grooves with hooky vocal sample and
massive electronic breakdown. Data have flipped the script on the remix
front and it’s this mix I will concentrate on here. They have brought in
underground men of the moment “switch” who turn out an absolute gem of a
distorted boompty groove. They keep the vocal to a minimum chopping it up in
the mix with an elasticated baseline and twisted fx’s. will appeal to fans
of dj’s like d.carter and yousef.

13/Cr2 Ibiza samplers- volume 1-3(cr2)
Split over three 12’s cr2 has landed some pretty fly un-released tracks on
us as a taster of what’s to come over the coming months. Vol one starts of
with Steve mac’s “that big track” with its huge crossover potential and
mammoth vocal this is a fine foray into all things funky for the summer on
the flip of volume one label boss mark brown and nick corelli’s “Stevie
nick’s” sampling “17” showcases the m.y.n.c production sound Anthony acid’s
bumpy groover “sweat” makes up this volume. Volume 2 has tracks by Spencer
parker, rhp and Tim Hudson of the three it’s the string laden blissful
“aulona” by Tim Hudson that will get the Balearic crowds into a frenzy. The
final installment has Danny Howells new project “breath” sitting alongside a
re-edit of Steve mac’s  “that big track” but the real winner for me on here
is the French house influenced “do you really” by Dennis the menace and
jerry ropero. Every time I play this track someone ask’s what it is. The
groove has a really hooky baseline with drawn out filters and that all
important big kick back break. Go search these out now as they wont be about
for long

14/Hiroki esashika-kazane” (intec)
No fucking about here this track means business from the first pounding
beats to come through the system to the very last. Picked up by Carl Cox for
his intec imprint this track is as relentless as they come. At T in the park
this must have been played about a half dozen times over the two days. The
original is a mix of twisted techno sounds and analogue electronica. It
reminds me of kraftwerk a little. The remix gloves have been handed to tom
Stephan who under his “superchumbo” guise loads the track up with a warped
baseline and titanic tribal beats but retains the original feel to give it
the edge it requires. Sebastian Léger makes up the package with a pacey
minimal acid affair.

15/Onehundredpercent-“there but for the grace of god” (white label)
The original mix of this track is aimed at the peak time floors around the
country and holds the interest with the “there but grace of god” vocal
sample that was championed by “fire island” back in 95. Ten years on the
original mix sounds ok but it’s the “yousef” mix that’s bubbling the beats
for me. Sounding basically nothing like the original Yos flips the script
“Onehundredpercent” (sorry!) and puts in a groove that wobbles and winds
it’s way around a demon baseline and soothing vocal section that is as moody
as it gets. Matters don’t become obvious till about half way in when things
get to a point where Yos warps out the vocal and adds the tight little fx
sections that make his sound stand on the shoulders of giants. This track is
un-signed so might be worth a further look for any labels reading this

16/Elio riso & raffunk-“to be or not to be” (oxyd)
Oxyd’s assault on Ibiza this summer come’s in the form of this massive piano
led groove from Argentina via their very own Brescia base. Think old school
piano that you used to raise your hands to back in the day and you’re
getting close to how this works. The beats are quite punchy with a tight
percussive edge, but its all about the break here alongside the piano sample
there is a very head infecting orchestral section that just lifts the track
to the next level. Currently being heavily supported and championed by Pete
tong this will come out the other end of Ibiza as a hit no doubts about it

17/War of the worlds-“the eve of the war” (tom Middleton mix)(Sony)
Tom Middleton takes this sci-fi theme tune and moulds and mutates it around
his own unique soundscape. The result is a pretty dam fine dancefloor edit
that sounds like a bootleg mix. All the W.O.T.W sounds are present, the
unique vocal and the pan pipe section that’s synomonous   with the movie are
wrapped around a massive sub bass baseline. Tom plays with the fx machine on
the vocal to delay the speech giving it a dancefloor moment for today’s
generation. The dub mix keeps the original screen script but goes a little
faster in a Giorgio moroder fashion.

18/Full blown-“some kinda freak” (size)
Reactions to all the mixes on offer here have been pretty fly with crowds
going for its big room versatility and small room compatibility. The
original is a full on peak time playa that filters in all the right places
and has baseline business that shines through. the “who*s who” edit keeps
the pace of the track but add’s some squelchy fx’ and warps out the
sequences to give of the j.j style baseline. On the b side “Sebastian
ingrosso” goes a different direction as the other’s and adds more of the
“some kind of freak” sample along with a mutant baseline that oozes
attitude. Last up is “Tony senghore” who chills things down and turns out a
right old funk inspired edit proving that sometimes less is more with warm
organs and deep undertones.

19Liquid people present da peepz-“ice cream parlour/es cultura” (clubsole)
Ice cream parlour kicks off this double header from the liquid people on
Glasgow’s clubsole imprint. The track is a dreamy live affair with all sorts
of stretched out keys and funk injections going of over a very warm bubbly
baseline, the vocal hook sits on top of the production throughout giving of
a very good vibe. The b side “es cultura” kicks of with a solo vocal and
cool tribal beats and rhythms, the drums on this track are quite moody and
driving with a subtle latin twist. Once again the live elements are present
with tight percussion and trumpet sample that will appeal to fans across the

20/caged baby-“disco biscuit” (southern fried)
a very cool summer offering here from the southern fried stable, the
original mix has a very chic feel to it with a really hot baseline and 80’s
influenced production and vocal, the couple of times I have dropped this mix
it has taken people’s ear straight away. Of the remixes its all about the
“freaks” edit’s, first the “confussion dub” with it’s wigged out boompty
twist and turns and manic siren sample, fans of mff and classic will know
whats on offer here. Then there’s the “80’s throwback vocal” mix and it does
exactly what it says on the tin, keeping the full vocal but adding their own
unique sound to turn out a gem of a mix. I love the way its twisted but

21/silicone soul-under a werewolf moon (soma)
Graeme and Craig return to action with a proper smooth groover from their
“staring into space” album. The lick on this takes me back to the old
warehouse sound of the early 90’s as the production has that very spacey
dubbed out almost Balearic feel to it. Don’t be fooled though as the lads
turn up the heat for today’s heads with some really tight and atmospheric
production skills with a really warm deep groove led baseline. On the remix
martinez pumps things a little harder but keeps the original sounding
elements that make the track stand out by adding a slight acidic edge to the