Ki Creighton - Welcome to MY House :: October 04

Skiddles scottish sensation Ki Creighton talks us through a massive 25 records rocking his turntables and our feet at dancefloors across the nation...

Richard Dyer

Date published: 6th Oct 2004

Everybody's favourite kilt wearing king of the dancefloor talks us through a massive 25 tracks frequenting the wheels of steel at present. Ki will be playing at Circus in Liverpool on Saturday 27th November alongside Carl Cox, Yousef and Justin Long to name but a few - and we will be there in full force to support him!

1/Michael gray-the weekend (eye industries)*skiddle choice cut*

After riding high in my charts and rocking every floor I drop it on it only seems fair that Michael gray’s “weekend” ends up as this month’s skiddle choice cut. Michael gray is one half of the ever dependable “full intention”.

The main lick of the track is based around a baseline with bigger balls than the man like Holmes. Crowds react to this in a way that tells me it's a top 10 hit in the making... The new added vocal version will definitely see to that.

The track has a lot of filtered attitude with searing effects and chunky full on beats and rhythms. Definitely an end of summer burner that will rock floors right through the winter and beyond.

2/Gadjo-so many times (subliminal)*Ki Creighton’s choice cut*

The subliminal camps once again come up smelling of the sweetest roses with this piano laden track signed from “muschitunes records”. Pumping percussive laden beats and a doobie brothers influenced guitar lick start of the proceeding’s and from there on the track is a relentless assault on the senses.

A very strong vocal really takes things to a different level and has the baying public reaching for the heavens. Crowd noises are added for effect but it’s the piano solo that really gets all the props. Top quality stuff from a top quality outfit

3/Mutiny featuring Lorraine Cato-holding on (Eric prydz) (underwater)

The big boys of house are all out to play this month and the cooler than cool guys down at underwater have brought in man of the moment “Eric prydz” to sprinkle his magic touch over “mutiny’s” holding on.

The usual prydz trademark sounds are present with delayed effects and warped out analogue baselines a plenty. Miss Cato’s vocals really shine through and lift the track up a level after every drop.

A peak time pressure track that will appeal to a wide range of house heads

4/T-empo-Saturday night, Sunday morning (soulstorm)

Back in the early nineties t-empo’s Saturday night Sunday morning was a massive anthem at clubs like cream and the hacienda and I can recall the effect it had back then on a dance floor. Fast forward a decade and its back with some fresh new interpretations for 04. The “autumn groove” mix takes things on a funkier tip with wah wah guitars and deeper edged tones playing
up to the wicked soulful vocal. The mix floating my boat is the “hoxton whores” edit.

The whores turn up the pace on the track and jack the beats and percussion up to make a really beefy peak time vocal stormer that’s getting a lot of props my end

5/de-nude-come to me (come together)
The power this track brings to the dance floor is amazing its full of energy and has a really infectious baseline very similar to sneaks “cant hide from your bud” from the late nineties. The a side vocal mix and original mix are head nodding groove’s but it’s the b side dub that’s picking up all the accolades for me, bold and ballsy beats with percussive undertones lead the track to the killer baseline and a very cool jazzy instrumental break that kicks back with a wicked trumpet sample that just keeps going and going

Pretty relentless, pretty well fly

6/Classic label sampler-volume 1(classic)

Another mighty fine release from the label that can do no wrong in my eyes.
This release from classic is a bit special as it’s been doing the rounds for years in the likes of Solomon, carter, sneak and farina’s sets but at the time only 10 copies were pressed.

Fast forward to 04 and we will all be lucky enough to own one of these very soon. All three tracks are produced by derrick carter so you know the quality is the highest standard.

Gemini’s “voice inside my head” is first up and comes firing out with trippy bleeps a repeating vocal and boompty edged beats. The flip has the innocent track “jack 1” which does exactly what is says on the tin, jacking fast paced beats and cow bells a plenty are complimented with cut up samples and old school kick drums. Last but not least “luke’s surprise” is a deep burning
groove with spaced out keys and subtle undertones.

7/Blaze-my beat (slip n slide)

Blazes are back and hold on to your hat as this new mix has been taking the roof of at my venues all over. Taking care of mix duties is the hugely talented and definitely ones to watch “solid groove” the vibe is a no holds barred assault on the peak time with pounding hard edged drums and rhythms, the meaningful vocal is prominent again and sits really well on the groove.

This will be a biggie for the likes of Yousef and Lottie and those DJ’s who take things that little bit further. There is a solid groove dub and a very useful accapella on the flip.

Also out now and worth checking out is “solid groove’s” mix “straight jackin” also on slip n slide.

8/Nook & cranny-la salsa (chiltepin)

This little jazzy number has been getting a lot of serious attention recently at “concrete” and “fats” and consists of two tracks “la salsa” and “jazzy joint”. Both tracks hold down the deep Latin sound really well with “la salsa” having a deep edged baseline and cool piano break section with a live edged raw feel and Spanish vocal snippets. “Jazzy joint” moves up a
pace or two and is my favourite.

The deep baseline and skippy hi-hats along with a wicked trumpet sample make this essential weekend ware for me. The vocal talks about “funky guys” and “funky chicks” and really works the floor and the track.

9/Britney spears-my prerogative (Armand van helden/x-press2) (cdr)

Ok so the thought of a “bobby brown” track being re done by “Britney” at first seems a little hard to take in but when man of the moment or man of the last decade for that matter turns his hand to the mix you just have to be curious as to how it will sound. Van the man has come up with a mutated warped out air guitar led monster that destroys the hell out of a floor.

“Britney” only features for a few bars through the whole track but I only have the dub versions so more of her maybe on offer in the shape of the as yet un heard vocal edits.X-press2 turn out a more deeper tribal break beat affair with analogue effects and a techy baseline.

They also cut miss or is it Mrs. Spears vocal up to good effect

10/Playford & gray-symptoms of you (missdemeanours)

Lottie and Caroline prothero’s missdemeanours imprint moves on to release number three and this time they have enlisted the talents of matt playford and Thomas gray. The original mix is a warm emotional vocal ride into all things fresh and cool.

Hypnotic undertones and a deep key led baseline hold the attention as the vocal rides away at the senses a real treat and a vocal that really hits the spot. Flip things over and lottie turns out a electro tinged boogie monster with skippy beats and an analogue baseline. The vocal
is once again at the forefront and works well alongside lottie’s growing production talents. Missdemeanours previous releases have been spot on and this is definitely a label that’s growing with every release

11/Danny s-re-activate during night e.p(nocturnal)

Top new production wonder boy Danny s hits us up with a fine set of remixes from his “re-activate during the night e.p”. The mixes currently finding favor with me are yousef’s mix of “talking dirty” and the vitamin d mix of “the good life”.

Yos takes the laid back original track of “talking dirty” and stamps his no nonsense straight up house sound all over the mix, punchy drums and cut up vocals make way to stabby keys and a filtered breakdown that kicks ass when the beats return, very sneak sounding and very well produced.
Derrick daisy’s mix of “the good life” is a punchy crisp ride into all things filtered and is definitely aimed at the peak time floors with its fast paced beats and preacher like vocal

12/Harry choo choo romero featuring Jessica eve-what happened (slip n slide)

Slip n slide are back on it big time, this time licensing harry choo choo romero’s underground smash “what happened” from “subliminal” offshoot “bambossa”. The original mix is retained in all its full glory for those who missed out first time. The mix I am currently using is the “rhythm code” remix.

The lick on this mix keeps the “is everything cool, what happened” vocal hook but wraps it around a real pumped up wobbly baseline and delays the effects to give maximum appeal to the dance floor. Definitely worth another crack.

There is also mixes from “hannu” and “j-reverse”

13/Carlinhos brown & dj dero present candyall-bocarriba (subliminal)

Straight out of Argentina comes the latest offering from morillo’s little baby, deros “south American mix” starts of with just a solo chant repeating over and over, this adds a little bit of a challenge to those who dare to add that bit extra to a set.

Once things start to get going there really is no stopping this tribal edged Latin monster from
dominating any hardened clubbers senses. Drum loops and cut up effects on the vocal are prominent throughout. Jorge Jaramillo of who da funk turns up the party pressure with a techier edged peak time player that retains all the funk and drives a dance floor wild.

Also on the package is a very useful accapella and mixes from “antranig & pons”

14/Salif keita-madan (martin solveig mix)(manifesto)

The last three manifesto releases have been straight up house cuts and mighty fine cuts at that. The martin solveig mix of salif keita’s “madan” brings the hairs up on my arms, its pure French funk house with wicked production and class arrangements. The guitar lick that runs throughout the track backs up the Balearic baseline and “mory kante” like African vocal chant. The way solveig lays down the basics is well impressive as he structures things round the live elements of house and that shines through so much here.
The a side “laid” mix pumps things up but still retains all the right ingredients to work the floor.

The “solveig” mix will be in my box for months it’s that good.

15/Soul khula-Saturday night(undo)

Pure deep house business going on here, Soul khula are straight outta jo-berg South Africa and hit us with a right old dj Gregory influenced straight up house number. Head straight for the “native new Yorkers” excursion mix for a vocal treat that has all the deep house ingredients
sprinkled all over it. Check the vocal as it glides through the track lifting and lifting things over a key laden percussive vibe and warm baseline.

This label is currently holding down a few spaces in my box and also worth a check is the previous release by “mateo & matos” called “see the sky”

16/Kiko Navarro-mama calling(simon grey mixes)(curious)

Oh boy I am into these mixes in a big way, reactions are amazing when the drop and live horn percussion vibe hits home. Solid funk drenched beats and afro-Latin rhythms make way to the most beautiful soul influenced vocals with heart renching effect.Its deep house with an abundance of soul and emotion. The a side main mix has more take on the jazzy soul side of things but still retains the element of cool and credible.

A biggie for me at present

17/Philip cortez-batu(holographic)

Head straight for the “c-mos extended adventure” remix for a journey into all things thumping and pumping. Hard edged pounding beats make way to tribal edged drums and a twisted warped out baseline. Then out of the blue the break gives us a piano led afro vocal destroyer that turns itself inside out and heads down a latin trumpet led path pure class.

C-mos is in charge of the remix business on side two with the original and a dub but the a side
edit is defiantly the one getting the props this end

18/Danny marquez & ferry b-afrocatalans(defected)

Another mighty fine release from the ever dependable defected camp.

Percussive hypnotic tones are the backdrop to a very afro Latin influenced vocal lick with live guitars and tribalesque beats. On the remix front hardsoul step up and provide a right old feel good factor ten number. Trademark hardsoul production skills are prominent with a skippy Balearic feel. Subtle piano keys make way to sweeping effects and lush instrumentation.

Defected most definitely in the house

19/Overstreet feat Alice Russell-lose yourself (clubsole)

The Glasgow mafia is back with this peak time funk drenched monster. ATFC’s sensation mix is a full on assault at the big room sounding tracks he is so well renowned for these days. Alice Russell’s vocal shines through on the break like the sun at
6am on the white isle. Mutated drawn out effects and searing samples move the track up gear by gear as the keys take control the ballsy baseline makes sure things don’t get to formula.

On the flip label boss “stevie sole” goes for a more soulful edged edit with live percussion and more take on the vocal. This mix is doing the do at the more vocal orientated venues and add’s that little bit of soul to the package.

20/Kings of tomorrow-trouble (defected)

The defected/k.o.t partnership continues and here we have two cuts from their forthcoming album. Junior jack rubs his peak time filtered big room hands all over “thru” and comes up with a trademark baseline and beats crowd pleaser that will rock all over the country. It’s typical J.J and has devastating effect on an up for it crowd. “6am” on the AA side is a no nonsense stripped down k.o.t burner that has me instantly likening it to deep dish’s “flashdance”.

Similar in break the groove just keeps going and going with sweeping noises and a cool as fuck vocal sample. Out of the two “
6am” is for the deeper heads whilst “thru” will appeal to the party monsters.

21/Blaze-do you remember house?(slip n slide)

Those “solid groove” boys once again take a “slip n slide” and “blaze” classic and twist it, turn it and basically mutate it into a pulsating pounding jacking peak time player. Starting of with the familiar vocal sample things seems very tame and mellow. How wrong you will be as the
jacking beats and twisted rhythms pull at your senses and lure you into a false sense of security. The “do you remember house” vocal lick stays and stays throughout backing up a wall of sound. On the flip once again we are treated to a dub and accapella.

“Slip n slide” definitely remember house!

22/matteo esse & sant-you and me(in Miami)(manifesto)

This was floating around on Italian label “cosmonote” early this year and has now been picked up by the on form “manifesto”. It’s a summer sizzler that features live guitars and a massive sax sample. It reminds me of Harry choo choo’s “night @ the black” on bambossa from a few years back simply because of the massive guitar led breakdown.

Currently I am playing out the “roc and soul” mix as it has a more dubbed out feel and works well on the floors I play, but the vocal version will appeal to followers of the funky path.

23/Mike Monday-that shit was (RIP)

I just love it when tracks come out with great titles and “that shit was” had my attention as soon as I spotted the three words on the sheet. It’s basically a low slung dirty as fuck house number that hits all sorts of chords from electronica to acid via some wigged out beats and filthier than Jodie marsh rhythms. The remix duties see mike Monday don his “paradise soul” guise alongside stretch and come up with another dirty house number that will appeal to fans of labels like mff and classic.

Keep an eye on rip as they really are bubbling under ready to boil.

24/soul mekanik-get your head stuck on your neck (RIP)

Two differing mixes to choose from here and both by artists affiliated to the classic label. On the a side rob mello’s no ears remix moves and grooves in a distorted wigged out fashion with a fierce and dark vocal backing up what sounds like the bastard offspring of a prince track baseline. Twist things over and we really are treated to a blinder of a mix by the “freaks”.
Mutilated analogue baselines bounce of bleepy spaced out effects and jackin beats. Pure underground house that gets me every time.

If wigging out on a weekend is your bag then you will dig this to the max.

25/dj jeroenski-sabrosura(choice recordings)
Last but not least this month is a track that for around 6 weeks now has had the honour of featuring in every set I have played, plus it was a major head turner at the defected in the house Edinburgh session with “hardsoul”. Latin beats and Gregory influenced rhythms sway their way around a percussive led groove with a break down that consists of the “sabrosura” vocal snippet and a filtered trumpet solo.

DJ Jeroenski is hot property in his homeland of
Holland at present and with productions like this its not hard to see why