Interview: Two Door Cinema Club

Jasmine Phull chats to Two Door Cinema Club guitarist Sam Halliday about Philippe Zdar, meeting Prince Charles, hay-fever and the next album.

Jayne Robinson

Date published: 13th Jul 2010

In a world of instant gratification "Two Door Cinema Club" is the perfect antidote. In 2007 the three boys from Northern Ireland formed a band, and in March 2010 they released their album Tourist History.

With the help of mentor and French Producer extraordinaire Philippe Zdar, members Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday were able to hone in on their electro-indie rock sound, separating themselves from the indie pack. With tracks no longer than the three minute-mark, their sparky, zest-fuelled sonic offerings will throw you up and help you down. There’s no room for lengthy complications, just pure alchemy in the form of catchy hooks, sweet lyrics and jangly beats.

And now, like true musicians, the Irish sweethearts have replaced their previous drummer, a Mac computer, with high-hat enthusiast Ben Thompson. We speak to guitarist Sam Halliday about Philippe Zdar, meeting Prince Charles, hay-fever and the next album.

'Come Back Home' is your most recent release. Do you have a say in the order the singles are released? How does that process take place?

What goes out first is different worldwide. We take a lot of advice from the labels in the different countries but at the end of the day it’s pretty much our decision. There are standout tracks in the album, and I guess it’s also got a lot to do with the time it’ll be released and what’s going on.

You’ve made quite a few music videos. Do you have a favourite?

‘I Can Talk’ is probably my favourite.

Have you started working on the next album?

We just started doing that today, but we’re nowhere near recording an album. Just writing tracks and stuff. We’ve just been bringing ideas to the table.

Philippe Zdar mixed 4-5 of your songs. Has he been present in the aftermath? Have you stayed in contact?

Yea we always see him when we go to Paris, and he always comes to the shows. Guess you can say we’ve formed a bit of a bond.

Do you receive fan mail via snail mail?

No. Not at all, but we don’t have an address set up for fans to send mail to, so that’s probably why. But we get emails from fans saying how much they like us and asking for free tickets to shows. (Laughs)

Do you reply?

We try but there’s quite a few. Twitter’s a lot easier for that.

You’ve got a massive world-wide tour coming up from the 8 July. One place you’re psyched to visit?

We’re pretty excited about going to Australia. Thankfully the flight is broken up with stop-overs on the way back.

So you’ve mastered the stage. Have you started putting more emphasis on your stage apparel?

We’re not totally obsessed with what we wear but we do like to go for ‘smart casual’.

So you guys meet Prince Charles at Glastonbury. What did you speak about and had you already rehearsed?

It was pre-arranged. We knew a week before, but we didn’t know what to expect. I guess he’s a pro at meeting people; he came over shook our hands and asked up some questions.

Worst decision you’ve made in the past week?

It would definitely be deciding not to bring my hay-fever tablets! I’m suffering.


Definitely choosing a studio with a pool! It’s in Wales. It’s just some guy’s house. It sounds very posh but it’s really not. It also has a jacuzzi! 

Interview by: Jasmine Phull