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Gus Gus - Forever LP

Icelandic trio Gus Gus have returned with the 'Forever' LP and a fine mix of twisted house, trance and progressiveness it is.

Mr Mutdog

Date published: 10th Mar 2007

Gus Gus are Biggi Veira, Earth and President Bongo. They started as a film/art/music collective of 12 (like the apostles) in 1995. Through the years they have narrowed things down to a divine trio and now the Holy Trinity bring us ‘Forever’.

The album title originated in Moscow when the sharp cry of “Gus Gus forever!” came from the long queue waiting to enter the club where the Gus Gus DJs were spinning the black wax.

Opening track ‘Degeneration’ is a chugging proggy sounding house floor mover that builds and drops in all the right places.

Elsewhere Omar Gudjonsson lays his calloused fingers over the killer vocal led ‘You’ll never change’ which is asked full to the brim sweet electronic sounds used by the best techno and house producers.

‘Hold you’ is a bit tougher and features the real Detroit legend that is Aaron Carl alongside Pall Oskar on the mic. Oskar also lends his voice to ‘Need in me’, one for fans of ravey keys and formulated progressive house.

‘Lust’ is much more like it. Dirty basslines oozing funk over a solid 4/4 kick – cant ask for more! A proper twisted instrumental techy house groove that is a bit of a banger. You can see this moving butts big time on the cooler dancefloors.

President Bongo and Vieran handle their own guitar necks on ‘Forever’ whilst Ottarr Poppe pukes out the words. Guitar riffs over high speed electro house is not my bag but the trendies might just love it.

‘If you don’t jump (your English)’ features the vocals of the President over flushing rusted guitar samples of the ever lasting Icelandic 80’s punk band Purrkur Pillneck. We get hammered hi hats from Helqi ‘HitHat’ Helgason’, staggered beats and a sludgy bassline that will blow your speakers if you don’t watch it. Rock and roll electro clash.

‘Sweet smoke’ is not a cover of the Mr Scruff hit but is a smoldering track with a falsetto vocal and an lovely underlying funk feel in the bass.

Gus Gus cleverly con the sex surfers with the wicked acid house that is ‘Porn’. Subtle but quality electro influences on this chucky techy gem. This bubbles along nicely and is one of the standout cuts. The kind of thing that sneaks up on you from behind then one day smacks you round the head with its greatness.

‘Demo 54’ conjures up images of a dark smokey basement with strobes on constant and the crowd crawling the walls. Trippy house track has a low slung and filthy bassline that is thick enough to keep dripping from the ceiling all night long. Mechanical techy groove that shouts DETROIT!! Old school house to the max, this is proper dirty dance music and it doesn’t get any better.

‘Moss’, a track by Daniel Agust, reminds me of Chicane. From first listen you know this is going to be big in Ibiza and at the festivals this year. A warm and trancy vocal cut with Earth providing the oral landscapes about being high on love. The likes of Digweed, Eye Q and Sasha would be proud of. This is will be the first single to be released and will come back with remixes by Tim Deluxe and Greg Churchil.

The loopy builder of ‘Mallflowers’ rounds us off by dropping into an old school progressive riff. This is certain to have people’s hands in the air and the crowd whooping at any decent dance night.

The UK edition of the album was released on 26th Feb with a bonus disc featuring interviews, mixes and exclusive tracks. Remixes and malnourished deconstructions will follow from Moonbootica, Diringer, Mark Bell, Thor, DMS, Patrick Chardronnet, Tim Deluxe, Jack Schidt and Greg Churchill. Check for videos and live recordings