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Godskitchen @ Air 23rd January 2004

A night of delighful trance from the up-and-coming resident for Godskitchen, Jon O'Bir. Once again, Godskitchen does not dissapoint.

Jaz Pearson

Date published: 3rd Feb 2004

I had been looking forward to this night for ages. Originally billed as an all-nighter, with Jon O'Bir having a 6hr set, i was really optimistic for a good night. One problem though. The day before, the event has been changed from an all-nighter to a 4am finish, which was really disappointing. Nevertheless, i wasn't going to let that spoil my night.

I arrived at Air at about 10:30pm, and once inside, there was a real buzz about the place. The main room was hosted by Polysexual, with djs Scott Project, Anne Savage, Hinsley and K90 Live. Hard house is not my cup of tea at all, so i head up to the Nitrogen room for Oli Collett and Jon O'Bir, who has had his set reduced from 6hrs to 5 and a half, so all is not lost. This was my first venture to the Nitrogen room, and i was pleasantly surprised by what i saw. The room was quite small, but big enough. Seats were placed on the edges of the dancefloor, and two podiums were in front of the dj box, and not far behind was the bar. Although it's not as good as the main room, it certainly sufficed. I was a bit worried at the lighting and sound systems, but these were spot on.

Starting off with his usual style trance, but progessively, this was Jon O'Birs chance that he had been waiting for all his djing career. A young lad who dreamed of this, now getting his opportunity.

The tempo was just right. The first big tune was Nalin and Kane - Beachball. Spot on mixing, and with large enthusiasm, Jon O'Bir was delighting his crowd. By now, the dancefloor was really busy. Just perfect though, with just enough room to dance. The atmosphere was brilliant. With a low roof, the room seemed to have an edge to it, and everybody was loving it.

Continuing in such fashion came a (slightly) progressive Armin, and the time flowed. Some of the tunes that were played were top notch, with my three tunes of the night, Chable & Bonnici - Ride, Andy Ling - Fixation, and Oceanlab - Satellite. Not being used to a 4am finish i was amazed at how fast the time went. By the end it had been a top night. The shout for "ONE MORE" came, and we treated to one of my favourite songs of all time, Armin - Communication. Absolute quality.

Other top tunes that were played included:

Rapid eye - circa forever,  Ralphie B - massive,  Exposure - magic impulse, Marco V - Indicator,  Robert Nickson - Spiral,  System F feat. Armin - Exhale,  Boss @ Nova - Stone Cold,  G&M Project - Sunday Afternoon,  Sarah McCloughlin - Fallen,  Super 8 - Alba.

As always, Godskitchen was ace. The only downside to the night was the early closing. Everytime i go it gets better and better. Anybody thinking that they might go, then do so. For me anyway, it's always been a guranteed top night. Well recommended!! For more information on Jon O'Bir, try his website below