GET ME IN! and Seatwave to stop trading

It's been a long time coming!

Skiddle Staff

Date published: 13th Aug 2018

Image: Kendal Calling (source)

Ticketmaster have finally taken a huge step towards tackling touts and over priced, exploitative ticket reselling by confirming the closure of their two secondary resale sites, GET ME IN! and Seatwave.

The global company made the announcement this morning, amongst growing pressure from the industry, artists, the public and the government, to stop allowing tickets to be listed on the sites at often 100s of pounds above face value.

Other ticket agents have already begun to make steps to combat the unfair treatment of genuine fans, including Skiddle's very own Re:Sell platform, which since it's introduction in 2016 has helped fans sell their tickets on at a fair price when no longer able to attend an event.

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