Firefly at the Marcus Garvey Centre 23/02

Firefly at the Marcus Garvey Centre – Saturday 23rd February The Acid House Party - Derrick Carter, Jon Carter, Chris Finke and more.

Eva Oyon

Date published: 20th Feb 2008

Viva la acid house. Over twenty years on its still a mandate that rings true throughout clubland. The stories regaled of four wide eyed holiday makers, Rampling, Holloway, Walker and Oakenfold, stumbling upon Alfredo’s eclectic journeys through the vaults of music and bringing back the template to Britain, kick-starting a revolution in the process, is still one of the most heart warming society has thrown up. Pills that would make you dance all night, raves in disused services stations, freaky electronic workouts from the cities of America and peace and love for everyone; it was quite simply the most important youth movement since the sixties, and there’s even a case for lifting it above that. The smiley faces (on the t-shirts and literally), the togetherness, the feeling of changing the world with the power of music... it had it all. Now at a time when the offspring of the movement’s own children are recreating it, it’s never been stronger, never meant more. Firefly understands this, which is why their party in February is in homage to acid house, to everything it embodies. The music, the feeling, the vibe... The Spirit.


It’s very apt then that one of the finest purveyors of the scene, Derrick Carter, gets to headline this party. A late addition to the fray but one very much welcome, DLC hails from Chicago and effectively the home of the acid house revolution. Renown for his sublime mixing and cutting - from deep to jackin’ to techno to bleepy beats – Derrick is playing a rare as rocking horse do-doo retro set, so expect him to be digging deep through one of the most enviable collections of music, and a true kaleidoscopic journey of epic proportions awaits.   


Another man who characterises acid house in the modern climate is none other than Jon Carter. There when it all flourished, Carter was part of the entourage driving around from field to field, following up the hints and codes to discover the secret locations where thousands of revellers would surround huge rigs and listen to the hypnotic power of a music, which to quote the infamous bane of acid house, the criminal Justice Bill of 1994, wholly characterised by repetitive beats. Carter saw firsthand the power of music at Shellys, The Hacienda, Shroom and the other emblematic venues that defined acid house in its infancy, not to mention the warehouses where the sound was taking off. And when the furore died down, and the super clubs took over, Carter continued the spirit.


When house music became staid, he flittered under the surface and became embroiled in the big beat renaissance, instilling the fun and attitude back into the music when clubland became corporate. And when that became equally redundant, he was already somewhere else, back at the forefront on the revival of acid attitude years before it became popular again, instilling 303s onto grooves and creating anarchy once more behind the booth. And when the clubs started reviving the spirit again, it was Carter who played at them all. As institutions like Sankeys Soap, Chibuku Shake Shake, Bugged Out! and others recreated the spirit of 1988, it was Jon Carter who they called upon to do it, and still do now. No-one has flown the flag for acid house higher, stronger, or with more passion. Cut him, and he bleeds aciieeeeeeeed.


Carter is supported on the event by one of the stalwarts of the British Techno scene, Chris Finke. Like Carter, Finke was bitten by the rave bug early doors when modern dance music was in its infancy, and he’s been unable to shake off the addiction since. Alongside other luminaries such as Ade Fenton, Ben Sims and Surgeon, Finke’s tour de force techno has seen his musical vision manifested at clubs across the planet, most notably the peerless Atomic Jam where he holds a residency. He’s also had his hand in promotion over the years, running the hugely successful Split and Flux parties, the latter also the name of his influential record label. He’s joined by Jeet and Max Cooper who back up the party as ever for firefly.


The Full Line-Up


Firefly – Acid House Party

Saturday 23rd February

@ Marcus Garvey Ballroom, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2BY
Derrick Carter
Jon Carter

Chris Finke

Max Cooper
More tbc

10pm – 6am

£10 Early Bird £13 other

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Info 07811 391010