Festival fashion: Jessica Heaton

One of our festival reviewers Jess Heaton is a graphic designer at fashion emporium Boohoo.com, so we asked her for her festival fashions.

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Last updated: 24th Jul 2015

Image: Latitude

No matter which festival you choose to spend your hard earned cash on, you ultimately end up spending extra on clothes for your time spent there. Whether it's a new pair of wellies, a trusty jacket or something a little bit more out there (we're looking at you Secret Garden Party).

It's important that you get it right when it comes to deciding what clothes to buy and pack though. After all, space is limited and although fashion comes first, practicality plays a massive part. 

We asked Boohoo.com's graphic designer Jess Heaton to talk us through her festival-wardrobe must haves and her other fashion staples. 

What three items of clothing do you take to every festival?

I’ve got a really old but trusty pair of brown lace up boots that go with me to every festival, they are waterproof and don’t have a tacky wellie pattern on them so they will do.

Also a pair of really small denim shorts that I only feel brave enough wearing amongst thousands of other small denim short wearers.

Hoody and joggers as well because there is nothing worse than getting back to your tent at night and having no warm comfy clothes to chill in.

How much are you influenced by the conditions there; or do you just run with the same style regardless?

Ugh. Heavily influenced. I’m such a cry baby. If it started to rain and I wasn’t wardrobe prepared it would ruin the festival.

At Global Gathering in 2013 there was a monsoon and I had flip flops, shorts and a crop top on. We spent the rest of the night back at the tent trying to get over the ordeal.


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Your ultimate fashion icon..

She's not my ultimate but I think Nicole Richie looks great at the moment. She always looks elegant and chic. Her short coloured hair and tattoos give her a grungy edge and the fact that she is a mum of two, and looks that hot, is incredible.

Ultimate wardrobe staple?

A cracking pair of skinny jeans. I recently found my dream pair of blue skinny jeans, they were from ASOS and fitted like a glove. I had to do a weird stretchy dance to get them on, but they were my go-to trousers and went with everything.

Last month I bent down to release my foot from the fabric when taking them off and ripped them right down the bum! Very sad, but maybe they were a bit too tight for my big behind.

Most expensive item you have bought?

Working in fashion has its perks - ever since I was 16 I’ve always had some kind of store discount which has massively lowered the cost of my shopping bills.

Topshop had a 60% off uniform policy, which to me meant 'find the most expensive items in the store and get a huge discount' then wear it once or twice to work.

I’m not usually an extravagant shopper, but the most expensive item I’ve ever bought was a heavily sequined dress for a work party that I have only worn once!

What's the item of clothing you're most embarrassed about? (That you'll admit)

Oh god. At age 17, I used to wear a sailor hat and stripy t-shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. I thought that I looked amazing. Oh, how I die when I think back to those days.


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Finally you can go on the lash and clothes shopping with any three historical figures with an unlimited budget. Who are you taking and what will you all end up wearing at the end?

I would take fashion designer Manish Arora because his collections are really colourful and fun. He would have a great eye for interesting combinations and I can imagine he would pay great attention to detail.

83 year old, Japanese polka dot artist Yayoi Kusama would be invited as her wardrobe, career and life in general are all beautifully bonkers. I would quiz her on everything.

I’d also bring Pharrell Williams along. He can be my personal shoe stylist and general eye candy. My outfit would end up being loud, bright, one of a kind, neon, patterned and funky.

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