Ferry Corsten on Creamfields

We have been speaking to Ferry Corsten who has been telling us how excited he is to play at Creamfields this summer and his plans for 2009...

Eva Oyon

Date published: 8th Jun 2009

You absolutely smashed it at Creamfields 10th Anniversary, are you looking forward to coming back in 2009?

I had an amazing time at Creamfieldsí10th anniversary last year, a blast... I canít wait to be back this year!

What can the Creamfields clubbers expect this year from your set?

Big high energy with lots of new remixes, goodies,  and tracks from my album ;-)

 What has 2009 got in store for you?

Iíve recently released my artist album ďTwice In  A Blue MoonĒ (TIABM). In order to support this release, weíve recently introduced a concert concept called TIABM: The Experience. Itís an amazing show that focuses on the album and includes a lot of surprises...

What do you prefer, DJing or producing?

I started of as a producer but Iíve been djing for so long now that I really canít choose one or the other. Itís a chicken and egg situation really.

Have you got anything coming out this year?

Iím currently working on the release of a single of the album called  ďWe BelongĒ...itís got a great funny video... I loved making it. ;-)

Congratulations on becoming a dad for the first time, how do you fit in being a father with such a busy schedule?

Thanks! I am the luckiest and happiest man alive. I think you learn how to prioritize better. It can be difficult at times... especially when Iím on the road. But seeing her face and her reaction once she sees me after a while Iíve been gone is priceless.

What is the best thing about playing a festival for you?

Festivals are just simply unique on an audience level. The electricity in the atmosphere is amazing. Since Creamfields is also during the height of the summer, I think it influences the way, festival goers want to enjoy the day and make the most of the short nights!

What are your festival essentials?

Earplugs, Wellies, and a good dose of uplifting spirit!

Last year Creamfields became a 2 day festival, could you give advice to the fans on how to maintain their energy for the entire weekend?

Check out who you really want to see and pace yourself...itís a long weekend!

Finally, could you give us a quote on Creamfields.

Canít wait to see you guys this year on Creamfields...It will be one you wonít forget. 

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