Ferry Corsten on Cream Ibiza

Ferry Corsten talks to us about his experience of Cream Ibiza last year and his upcoming party this year...

Eva Oyon

Date published: 8th Jun 2009

You had an amazing summer and teared up Cream Ibiza, how was the season for you?

I love being part of Cream Amnesia, itís got everything it needs to be a fun and successful night: great location, fun clubbers, good organization, and of course, a fantastic line-up. Last season was a lot of fun!

What do you think it is about the Cream night that sells out Amnesia  week on week?

That confirms  everything I just said above...

Cream Amnesia has a huge international following, do you find the atmosphere changes week on week?

I love seeing faces from all around the world when I come to the club.  And itís not just clubbers but also from people who work for the organization, dancers.... everyone comes to club or try and have an experience working here because of the unique opportunity it presents.

What can you tell the Cream clubbers about what you have in store to  entice them to the Island this year?

Iím doing a special project this year with Cream Amnesia and doing a special party around my artist album ďTwice In  A Blue MoonĒ on August 27.  Come!!!!

You jet around the globe, what advice could you give our clubbers to  survive a weekend on the island?

Drink lots of fluids before you sleep... it prevents you from having the worst hangover you can have.

Do you get a chance to stick around and check out some of the other line up?

Every once in a while I do get to hang out longer when Iím playing Cream Amnesia on Thursday. I do like supporting any artist or event I work with so if I have the time and up for a good night, I stay. 

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