Exclusive interview for Su Casa Musica with the legend that is Lottie!!!!

An exclusive interview with the special guest for our first event Lottie!!!

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Date published: 9th Aug 2015

With less than a week to go to our first official Su Casa Musica event, we are delighted that Lottie took the time out to answer some questions and give us an insight in to her past, present & future!!!

A special thanks goes to her, and we really can't wait to open the doors next Saturday and have a truly special night!


(SCM) First of all we?d like to say a quick thanks for coming to play for us on our first event!

(Lottie) Thank you for having me! I DJ a lot down South but I am a Northerner so I get excited at any chance to come back up. The crowds have always been brilliant in the North West :)

(SCM) It?s been a while since we've seen you this far north, what have you been up to over the last few years?

(Lottie) Yes indeed, I've had a night in London called Geisha and I've just started my Acidhousewife night in Windsor and London and I've been playing now and again in Ibiza and smaller venues near me but not to the extent I was 10 years ago. I stopped touring when I had my son and wound it all down but that all seems to be changing right now though and I'm playing every weekend again this Summer.

(SCM) You've been involved in the scene a long time now & up and around here we are very proud of the warehouse parties from the late 80?s and early 90?s, what is your earliest memory of the scene around that time? (and did you ever get the chance to get to any of them?)

(Lottie) I first went to the Hacienda when I was 17 in 1989 and it changed my life. I had always collected records (from the age of 7) and was particularly into Dance music but once I'd felt the bass inside the Hacienda I became obsessed! I spent every penny I had on 12" vinyl and every spare moment learning to mix. By the time I moved to London in 1992 I could mix and had a healthy record collection. I also went to a couple of the Blackburn raves which were a mission but very exciting, and also Konspiracy in Manchester and Quadrant Park in Liverpool went the Hacienda had lost its magic, when house music was full of piano riffs!

(SCM) What point in time do you look back as your favourite era of dance music?

(Lottie) That's a tough one because I love the way dance music evolves so there's tracks from every single month of every year I can remember that I love. If I had to choose one time I suppose it would be 1994 or whenever DJ Pierres mix of Photon Inc.'s "Generate Power" came out because that was a particularly exciting time for me and I was immersed in the whole dance music scene then. It had become my life and most people around me were making and playing fabulous house music.

(SCM) Apart from being booked to play the opening Su Casa Musica event, what is your proudest moment as a DJ?

(Lottie) Space Terrace from 1999-2002. I was playing 5 or 6 times there every Summer and I had the biggest crowds, Pepe and Fritz even kept the club open longer for me one night because the

atmosphere was so good. They called me the Queen of Ibiza back then! Also hosting the Essential mix to 2 million people when Pete was away of course, that was a real privilege. I was also one of the few people that played the first two Exit festivals to 20,000 people, that festival was mindblowing and we all had a real moment there.

(SCM) And while we are on proudest moments, what is your proudest moment as a producer?

(Lottie) Definitely Carl Cox playing my first track "The Sound" around midnight (1999 into 2000) at his Millennium party in Sydney. It was broadcast around the World and went on the compilation. Also my mix of Salsoul Nugget was the one that got the most radio play in France and I think charted so that was pretty cool. I need to get back in the studio again :)

(SCM) There?s a lot of DJ?s that have been and gone over the years, have you got a DJ who really stands out for you and why?

(Lottie) I can never pick one but I have the utmost respect for Josh Wink, always playing and making interesting music that never ages. He is an example of a discerning DJ that has stood the test of time. Derrick Carter of course too, he inspired me DJ wise. And Harvey for being Harvey.

(SCM) Now then, a tough one... What?s your favourite ever house music track and why?

(Lottie) I'm going to give you three because choosing one is too hard. And I must admit these change regularly!

Photon Inc. "Generate Power" (DJ Pierres mix) - relentless, awesome slice of house, the definitive example of a perfect groove.

Hardrive - "Never Forget" It reminds me of my night misdemeanours which I ran with my friend Caroline Prothero in the mid/late 1990's My career was really taking off and I was travelling the World but my friends meant everything to me and kept me grounded.

Midi Rain - "Shine" (Pierres Chicago House mix) Another DJ Pierre masterpiece, emotive and beautiful, what can I say? Pierre is the man!!

(SCM) Over the last 10 years the scene has endured some dramatic changes, what do you think about the scene these days? (and how has it changed for your career?)

(Lottie) Technically speaking, well it seems everyone with a laptop is a DJ these days. I'm still quite old school in the fact that I don't use one to DJ. I use USB sticks, CD's or vinyl but I think any progress sonically is great and the more effects and loops etc you can do then fab. I don't really like the flatness you often hear from someone using their computer though. I like it to sound raw and live!

Career wise everyone has to be producing tracks and have a steady release of them now to be playing the big events. The massive DJ's are pop stars really as their tracks chart but that's a

whole other (EDM) World that I think is separate to what we house DJ's do. There's some AMAZING music out there and incredible DJ's playing it but?.. there's a lot of massive DJ's earning hundreds of thousands a gig and loads of unknown DJ's earning 100 a gig, but not a lot in between. Oh and the VIP culture, don't get me started on all those VIP tables and sparklers!!

(SCM) What do you think has had the most influence over the changes that have happened over the last 10 years?

(Lottie) Mainstream America finally decided it liked dance/club music, albeit the electro pop side.

(SCM) So if you quickly grab your crystal ball and have a little look into the future, how do you see the scene changing over the next few years?

(Lottie) I'm no mystic Meg but vinyl is definitely playing a role in clubland again. I've done quite a few vinyl gigs this year so maybe it will come back even more significantly.

(SCM) Finally... what does the future hold for DJ Lottie?

(Lottie) Well I'm DJing every week again and I'm loving it even more than before so long may it last! :D


Tickets are still available, but are going quickly if you're in the East Lancashire area next Saturday and you like your House Music, Su Casa Musica at the Attic in Accrington is the place to be!!!!!

Big love... SCM x

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