Dekata Project – Viral E.p - Review

Where live instruments, vocalists and beatbox queens collide with some heavy Zed Bias production, find Dekata Project. Here is what we thought...

Eva Oyon

Date published: 7th Jul 2009

With Zed Bias on production duties, I waited on this E.P dropping through my letterbox with a high expectation. 
After hearing it I have to admit feeling a little let down. The E.P is by no means bad; it’s just far too smooth for its own good. 
From the opening track ‘Change My Way’ you’re met with a vocal house track that’s more a background soundtrack in a fashionable cocktail bar than a dancefloor pleaser.
The tracks are full of slick production but it never really goes beyond being pleasant easy listening.
The fourth track ‘Leave It’, although still managing to be very pleasant, is a little more geared towards the dancefloor and does a very good job of it too. Think along the lines of the current output by bands like Crazy P and you’re in the right ball park. 
All in all an ok little package but ok is still a step away from good unfortunately.

2 ½ out of five

By Tim Forrester