DJ Cameo Presents: Bassline Vol. 1

Niche, Bassline, 4X4...Wot U Call It, Garage? Gut Active Presents, DJ Cameo (1Xtra) Presents Bassline Vol. 1

Richard Dyer

Date published: 23rd Apr 2008

After month’s of listening to bootleg recordings from Sheffield’s legendary Niche nightclub, fans of what is fast being heralded as the UK’s most forward thinking dance movement can now sit back and enjoy some of the biggest tunes from the scene they’re calling ‘Bassline’ mixed by one of the scenes major playa’s 1 Xtra’s DJ Cameo.
One of the key exponents of the 90’s garage explosion, Cameo honed his trade on various pirate radio stations before getting snapped up by Radio 1’s sister station 1Xtra. Responsible for taking the bassline sound of the north and exposing down south where it’s now gaining international exposure, we can’t think of anyone better to select the soundtrack of the summer.  
Bassline Vol.1 consists of two CDs rammed full of the freshest sounds emerging from this new genre. Born out of UK Grime, Electro and House, 4x4 has been gathered attention for mixing grimes harsher experimentalism with more accessible sounds of electro-house and speed garage, oh and let’s not forget it’s also responsible for bringing the “laydees” back to the rave.
From the chart friendly poppers Addictive’s Gonna Be Mine, Delinquent’s Naked to underground bangers from Murkz, TS7, Mr V, TRC, all key artists and tracks are here showcasing bassline’s forward-thinking arrangements. Add to this massive hits from T2 and Dizzee Rascal check out the Bassline overhawl of Boy Better Know’s underground anthem Duppy.
1) Addictive Feat T2 – Gonna Be Mine
2) Danny Dubbz Vs. Davinah – Runaway (TRC Remix)
3) Dexplicit Feat. Gemma Fox – Might Be
4) Mr. V Feat. Platinum – U & I
5) TS7 – Flip Flop
6) DJ Denver Feat. N Chyx – Garms Fresh
7) Subzero Feat Sacha – Be With Me
8) Annabel Feat. Mr. Kaos – Sometimes
9) DS 1- I’m Back
10) Murkz Vs. Dre – Manny Man
11) Paleface Feat. Nina Jayne – Anything (Mask Dub Mix)
12) Witty – World War Three
13) Brett Maverick – Skydiver
14) T2 – Showaa
15) T-Camp – Bad Breed
16) Murkz Feat. Abbey – Is It Real
17) TRC – Love Is Blind
18) Caliber Feat. Kaylee – Can’t Sleep At Night (Blow My Mind)
19) TS7 Feat. Bianca G– Come On Over
20) DJ Ironik – So Nice (Mr V. Remix)
21) Delinquent Feat. Kele Le Roc – Naked (Deliquent Mix)  
1) Garage Jams Feat. Clare Evers – Snowflake
2) Dizzee Rascal – Flex (DJ Q Remix)
3) DJ Denver – Lovely Thang (When I Laid Eyes On You)
4) Booda Feat. Becky Rhodes – Secrets (T2 Remix)
5) Brett Maverick – Cut Dem Off
6) Boy Better Know – Duppy (Baseline Dub)
7) Murkz Feat. Dumpa– Baby Boy
8) JTJ – Chinese Slugs
9) Gemma Fox – Crazy Crush (TS7 Remix)
10) Merkury Feat. Screama – Best Thing
11) Dj Panther Feat. J Bomma B - Bully Boyz
12) D’S1 Feat. Tileasha & Tez Kidd – Falling
13) Alex Mills – Beyond Words (Witty Boy Remix)
14) TRC – Esmond Jones
15) Spoilt Rotten Feat. Delinquent – Chalace Man
16) Brett Maverick & NE1 – Be True
17) Dexplicit – Bullacake
18) T2 – Hey
19) Mr. V – Game Over