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Bart B More Interview!

Ibiza’s biggest night Pure Pacha comes to London for a grand finale closing party to end another amazing season on the Island. We caught up with Bart b More for a chat...

Eva Oyon

Date published: 2nd Nov 2009

How would you describe the house sounds you play?

A refreshing new cross-over sound, I always try to explore new music styles, test new promo's and complete my set with my own productions.


What influences you? You sort of stormed onto the scene with this edgy, staccato, b-more sound... where did that come from?

Kinda from nowhere to be honest. I get my influences from very different music styles from loopy techno beats to rockbands and indie music. The sound you're talking about just felt right and cool to produce at that time. I think my sound has developed over the last year and who knows what I might be producing next year. Just as long as it's got energy and it sounds cool to me I'll create it :)


How did you dodge getting in trance like most producers in Holland?

It's funny that everybody outside of Holland thinks trance is still huge over here. It actually is not. These days House/Electro music is a lot more popular I think. But I guess at the time I started to get into dance music, trance was the biggest thing that was coming up in Holland and I've always kinda felt the urge to do something different, to make stuff that doesn't sound like something someone else would make. I think that's why I kinda stayed away from trance, because everyone else was doing it at the time and of course that was 'not cool' :)


How do you decide who to remix? Do they approach you or do you approach them?

I feel very fortunate about the fact I get so many remix requests! It's cool!

Before I agree to do a remix, I always want to check out the original track, to see if it's something I can work with.  I always find it really important to deliver a remix that I would play myself. I also have to focus on my own productions so I try not to do more than 1 remix a month, but sometimes I get requests I just can't refuse.


Wouldn't you rather work on your own stuff?

See above..  I love to do both!! A remix can be easier sometimes, because you already get some parts you can work with. An original track always starts from scratch, you are always looking for new inspiration, which can be hard sometimes, but it can also be more satisfying in the end.


You say having production skills is important because you won't get ahead copying other people - but how can you always be making new sounds, always innovating?

It's a big challenge I agree, but it's also something that keeps me excited about dance music. Of course I'm not inventing new music, I'm being influenced by cool new music and then I twist it around a little bit and put a bit of myself in there as well. These days I get so many demo's and promo's who all sound a like, it's really hard to pick out the real talent.


What do you make of the fidget house label that you get?

People put labels on me all the time. I think I've been labelled every single subgenre in dance music already haha... I try not to think about being labelled too much, and focus on delivering quality music


How is your label doing? Is it vinyl or digital? What do you do to guard against piracy?

It's going great! We have a very wide variety of dj's supporting our tracks, so all our release are being heard all over the world... it's really cool!

We're digital only. It doesn't really make sense for us to do vinyl, we would only loose money as the scene we're supplying only uses digital formats. Piracy really is an endless discussion for me. Of course artists should be financially compensated for all the work and effort they put in their music... but then again if it's free  you'll be able to reach a much bigger crowd. It's really the biggest challenge for the music industry, they'll have to search for new ways to make money on music, but I'm sure someone will come up with something haha


What's been the biggest challenge of your year?

For me the biggest challenge this year was to keep up with all the productions and remixes while being on the road all the time! I do love the traveling and the dj gigs all over the world, but it leaves you with less time in the studio. Nevertheless, I had a great year already productionwise, plus I was able to work with artists as Diplo, Crookers, Kelis, Martin Solveig and Tiesto.


What can we expect from you at Pacha?

I got loads of cool new tracks to play out, so that's what I'm gonna do! :) don't miss out!

Ibiza’s biggest night Pure Pacha comes to London for a grand finale closing party to end another amazing season on the Island. Featuring show stopping new production, sexy dance troupe and a phenomenal international guest: Bart B More This is London’s hottest ticket in town for the Balearic hedonists!
Think of the newest craze in the international House scene and only one name comes to mind: Bart B More. Combining his love for beat-driven, looped techno music with big room house and electro, Bart has been able to create a refreshing new cross over sound that has taken the world by storm.