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Album snapshot: Trust Fund 'Seems Unfair'

Trust Fund aka Ellis Jones provides a snapshot of his brilliant new album 'Seems Unfair' and explains its relevance with taking a photo of a monkey next to a bin.

Ben Smith

Date published: 6th Nov 2015

Image: Trust Fund 

Surfacing the same year as their debut LP, Bristolian outfit Trust Fund have returned with another triumphant record Seems Unfair. We certainly see no reason to stop when you're on a hot streak, and neither does driving force Ellis Jones, which has evidently paid its dues.

Ellis Jones aka Trust Fund dripped us with a double dosage of his hook heavy indie pop musings with singles 'Football' and 'Dreams'. The same colours run into the rest of the album with a torrent of incisive rhythms and blooming choruses to carve a breezy easy palatable sound.

It was produced by MJ of Hookworms, and the band have just finished touring with Speedy Ortiz. Both firm indications of the soaring direction Trust Fund is arrowing. We spoke to Ellis himself, to get a greater sense of this buoyant sphere of indie pop. 

What does the album represent? 

It represents a lot of effort from some people, it also maybe represents a particular time in our lives.

Where does it stand musically? 

It's an indie pop record I think, but the production makes it sound a bit heavier at times. We all like Weezer a lot, if that helps.

Where was it recorded?

At Suburban Home Studios, in Leeds. If you get a train from Burley Park to Leeds you can see it on your right hand side. It's one of the nicest places in the world. MJ produced it - he also plays in the canonical rock band Hookworms.

Pick out a lyric from the album and why? 

There is a lyric on the last song that goes "I could never make you happy like a Dyson Airblade could". That feels like a true thing of me to have said, a smart and perceptive thing.

Favourite song to perform live?

'Can You Believe', which is the last song. It has a quiet bit at the start and we all sing it. Then its a loud bit for ages. Then its quiet for a bit, and then its loud again. Then on the record it fades out but we can't do that live so it just stops eventually.

Tell us something we wouldn't know about it? 

The picture on the front is of a toy monkey next to a bin. That much you might already know. On the back, is a picture of a toy monkey inside a bin, in a snowy park in Toronto.

Bert, who plays in Trust Fund, had taken those photos a few years ago, and sent them to me when he saw my monkey next to a bin picture. Can you believe that we both had taken pictures of toy monkeys next to or inside of bins? It seemed too good to be true.

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