Ibiza Insider's Guide - We visit Cala Gracioneta

Ibiza Insider's Guide - We visit Cala Gracioneta

We sent Jo Waddington to explore one of Ibiza's best hideaways, Cala Gracioneta, as she soaked up secluded beaches and open air restaurants.

Date published: 5th Aug 2016

When in Ibiza, its easy to get blinded by the bright lights of the night life and just spend most of your trip gravitating between San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa, nursing off heavy nights in a hotel room or by the pool. Ibiza is only a small island but there is some much to explore, so come on guys, man up and take a trip to experience a little more of the Ibizan culture and soak in those wonderful sights.

Cala Gracioneta is only a short distance from the Sunset Strip of San Antonio. Its easy to get to by bus, no more than 5-10mins in a taxi but we decided to walk. It took less than 30 minutes and was a great way to get over the previous night’s antics!

If you are walking, simply carry on up the Sunset Strip and pass Mambos and Kanya. Take a right at Golden Buddah, take a left and then follow the main road. You’ll see various signs then pointing you in the right direction. You’ll walk a few roads, see some lovely scenery, it’s a pretty peaceful walk once you get past the hotels and the air is engulfed in a beautiful aroma of olive trees and rosemary.

There are some lovely villas and fincas enroute, but you’ll eventually come to an area which seems a little more inhabited. A few more hotels, a supermarket which oddly looks like something out of the Wild West or the set of Little House on the Prairie. You’ll see a sign pointing you towards the direction of Cala Gracio beach. Follow it. 

You’ll head down quite a steep hill but at the bottom you’ll come out at a beautiful beach. Secluded and pristine enough to enjoy some peace and quiet for the day. The crystal clear waters and golden sands are welcoming and there is also a small snack bar situated there where you can get beverages and snacks as well as sandwiches, burgers and chips etc.. or even pack a picnic for yourself. It’s an ideal spot during the day and great for families too.

Want something a little more private? Cala Gracioneta is the neighbouring beach. A quaint rustic cove and surrounded by plenty of shady trees. The sea here is more shallow and calmer, great for snorkelling. The golden sands also stretch back to El Chiringuito, another one of Cala Gracioneta’s hidden treasures.

You can access El Chiringuitos down the same road you head down for the beach, it's well sign posted. Follow the winding wooden path to the bottom and you appear at the restaurant where you will be taken to your seat or you can choose to head down onto the beach where you can have your meals and drinks brought to you.

We dined in the restaurant as its all open air and yet set beautifully within the cove. The attention to detail adds to the charm of this hidden hideaway, from the tiny wooden hearts which sporadically hang on the trees to making use of all areas of the coves, one of which houses an open air bed overlooking the lapping waves. 

El Chiringuitos is well known for its seafood and paella and we highly recommend the Black Taglietelle with Seared King Prawns in a marine sauce – delicious. Especially when accompanied by the house Sangria which was infused with sweet, seasonal fruits including watermelon and oranges - a perfect thirst quencher.

Open from 10am until 12am, it’s a gorgeous setting for day and night and often you will find live traditional Spanish music. As the sun set and it became darker, El Chiringuitos became even more magical with the fairy lights that adorned the trees and rocky inclines created a breathtaking bliss.

We recommend getting a taxi back home when its dark as the walk back isn’t well lit. Plus you’ll probably need it after that Sangria! 

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