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Maiden England at Club Rock

Maiden England

  • This event has been cancelled
  • Club Rock Carlisle
  • Friday 2nd November
  • Maiden England are coming to Club Rock in Carlisle on Friday 2nd November!
    Surreal Panther at Club Rock

    Surreal Panther

    • Club Rock Carlisle
    • Friday 14th December
    • Target Rock Christmas Party featuring Surreal Panther in Club Rock!
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      about Target Rock
      Target Rock was born in 2016 with the vision of bringing the biggest Rock Nights possible to Carlisle! In 2016 we promoted 2 gigs in Club Rock featuring some of the finest local Rock, Metal and Punk bands we could find! rnIn 2017 and beyond we continue that aim to put on the most fun and affordable nights featuring the biggest and very best Tribute, Local and International Bands! Check out our events for the full list of upcoming Target ROCK gigs in Carlisle!


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