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Park of Toxeth at Milo Lounge

Park of Toxeth

  • Milo Lounge Liverpool
  • Thursday 23rd May
  • Interesting fact: before there was Lark Lane, the area was known as Park of Toxeth. What a mouthful? Back to the comedy
    Nuts at Milo Lounge


    • Milo Lounge Liverpool
    • Thursday 6th June
    • interesting Fact: One of the many business that have located on Lark Lane for Pistachio Restaurant located on 88-90 Lark Lane. but back to the comedy
      CSP x Lost - The Return to The Venue at The Venue

      CSP x Lost - The Return to The Venue

      • The Venue Canterbury
      • Saturday 8th June
      • CSP x Lost City Sound Project are back collaborating with the Lost Events Team to bring you the best party in Canterbury! After the unreal response we had f
        Book Keeper  at Milo Lounge

        Book Keeper

        • Milo Lounge Liverpool
        • Thursday 20th June
        • Also another interesting fact on Lark Lane way back in the day was a book keeper. this is dedicated to the book keepers. Back to the comedy
          1870 at Milo Lounge


          • Milo Lounge Liverpool
          • Thursday 4th July
          • Interesting fact about Lark Lane: The Albert first opened its doors as a hotel in the 1870's and added the pub in the 1920's. However back to the show
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