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Remake Remodel at Soup Kitchen

Remake Remodel

  • Soup Kitchen Manchester
  • Monday 20th May
  • The Nations Saving Grace Of Alternative, Rock n Roll...
    Zig Zags + Chew Magna live at Soup Kitchen at Soup Kitchen

    Zig Zags + Chew Magna live at Soup Kitchen

    • Soup Kitchen Manchester
    • Tuesday 21st May
    • Formerly on Castle Face Records, Zig Zags come to the Manchester for their only northern UK date in support of new LP They'll Never Take Us Alive.
      Machine Woman presents: Cera Khin, Izzy Bolt, Loraine James at Soup Kitchen

      Machine Woman presents: Cera Khin, Izzy Bolt, Loraine James

      • Soup Kitchen Manchester
      • Friday 24th May
      • Returning to the Soup Kitchen Curators Series, Machine Woman has tagged Cera Kihn, Izzy Bolt and Loraine James into the ring.
        Death and Vanilla at Soup Kitchen

        Death and Vanilla

        • Soup Kitchen Manchester
        • Wednesday 29th May
        • Fire Records' Death and Vanilla come to Manchester in support of their new LP Are You A Dreamer?
          UNDER THE UNDERWAY - [AFTERPARTY] at Soup Kitchen


          • Soup Kitchen Manchester
          • Friday 31st May
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            • PYE CORNER AUDIO

              Next Playing At:
              Pye Corner Audio + Faten Kanaan live at Soup Kitchen (21st July)

            • Ava Luna

              Next Playing At:
              Ava Luna live at Soup Kitchen (18th June)

              Ava Luna Ava Luna
            • Ben Shemie

              Next Playing At:
              Ben Shemie (Suuns) live at Soup Kitchen (20th September)

              Ben Shemie Ben Shemie
            • Dalek

              Next Playing At:
              Dälek live at Soup Kitchen (22nd July)

              Dalek Dalek
            • DJ Python

              Next Playing At:
              CULT — DJ Python + JDS (5th June)

              DJ Python DJ Python
            • Death and Vanilla

              Next Playing At:
              Death and Vanilla (29th May)

              Death and Vanilla Death and Vanilla

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