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REMIX > SAT 5PM – 3AM Resident DJ Julio Bravo spices up Saturdays with his unique mixes to really get the Saturday Night shindig going!. Hosted: DJ Julio Bravo Music: Playing an Electric mix of dance music from the last 4 decades! Drink Offers: £6.00 cocktail jugs serving 6 people Drink Offers: Drink offers Friday, Saturday, until 9 pm Stella 4% £ 3.00 vodka mix £ 2.65 Get a Sambuca or Tequila shot for £1.00 with any purchased spirit, and it doesn’t end there! Keep the party going after 9:00pm and get Sambuca or tequila shot for £1.00 with any double spirit purchased. DJ’s: DJ Julio Bravo Entrance Fee: Free Entry Befor 10PM AFTER 10PM DOOR CHARGE £5.00 WITH RE-ENTRY STAMP


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