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Lucky 13?

After 12 fun packed years in this beautiful, remote part of the UK, Loopallu as we know it must come to an end. Loopallu has been a resounding success attracting headliners like Paolo Nutini and Franz Ferdinand as well as introducing little-known acts like Mumford and Sons and Jake Bugg. Despite our best efforts to secure another season the festival venue will no longer be made available to us.

But the show must go on! Thanks to the kindness and support of the Ullapool Harbour Trustees, the main event will be moving on to Ullapool Pier, in turn making it one of the most unusual venues in the UK.

Due to the move, the event will be non-camping and the number of tickets available will be restricted, so please don’t leave it too long to decide .

Our 13th year might be our farewell party, or if you like the change maybe it’s the start of a new chapter. Only you can decide…

Whatever the future holds all the team would like to say a big thank you to all who have come over the years. Your support and enthusiasm made the event what it was and what it will hopefully remain.


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