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about Gwdihw
Gwdihw is a flourishing, friendly and relaxed independent space for alternative music on the edge of the city centre in Cardiff. Established in 2008, we're a 140-215 capacity venue renowned for our cosy yet raucous atmosphere, diverse events programme and colourful exterior!rnrnWe pride ourselves on bringing the most diverse, eclectic, intriguing live music, cutting edge DJs & events to Cardiff. On our weekends you'll discover a musical menagerie from live funk, afrobeat, jazz, electronica & hip hop to the finest in underground DJs from the likes of our finest promoters like Sure Shot, Hully Gully & Tone Pagoda to move to.rnrnThe rest of the week we focus on bringing the finest in touring acts and local gems, with promoters such as All My Friends bringing an experimental amalgam of electronic & indie-punk, Juxtaposed putting on searing rock & Indie shows, Folk in the Owl's Nest bringing intimate folk & acoustic music and much more. On Mondays, we bring quirky Gwd Mondays events, always free and always 50% off drinks every Monday!rnWe're an 18+ venue after 7.30pm, children welcome before then.


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