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Review of Final Cut: Student Party - R&B, Charts, House and More

Overall rating: 4 Verified review

Music Venue Prices Atmosphere

Would you recommended: Yes

Review of Muslim Marriage Events Manchester

Overall rating: 1

These events are a big time waste trust me and wasting your money I have been to many of these events.

The girls that come to them they aren't opened minded and aren't serious ether they can be quit judgmental as well. Full of time wasters I don't really recommend mind it the woman who runs these events shes just making money from people.

She also runs another website exchange numbers wih girls that's even worst I came acorss rude arrogant girls on there who did exchange numbers.

http://www.mmeuk.net/uk_profiles_view.asp?gender=f emale

Music Venue Prices Atmosphere

Would you recommended: No

Review of Muslim Marriage Events Ilford, Barking

Overall rating: 1 Verified review

The event started badly, mo asked my name and it wasn't on the list I'm standing there like a retard with my card and say I booked through skiddle, he just said yeah go, didn't even check. Then we all had to wait about 45 mins for it to start, the acoustics are terrible because when it did eventually start I couldn't here lakeys voice. Then I realised its nothing like speed dating, you are partnered up with another person and you then have to speak to two or three girls at a time, not one to one. So you have to fight to get a word in. Then just before there's one table left to go you go on a lunch break for an hour. The only dessert at the venue was rice, yes rice for dessert. There was no normal tea just green tea. I'm assuming it's becasue only stuck up people go to these events, which 99% of the women and men were stuck up and liars. Then at the end you then choose who you want to have a one to one with, which is fine but before I could ask if there's a possible meeting or email address, the woman host told me to go back to my seat because another man wanted to talk to her. She was the only real lady there. All the other people put looks before personality. The acoustics are terrible because you have all these stuck up people who are unable to talk properly and have to shout, you can't hear a word of what is being said. I can safely say I won't be coming to these sort of events ever again, it's actually put me off Muslim girls. I'm going to find my self an English girl, someone normal, and who won't look down her nose. God, there was one girl there, who thought she was the queen but couldn't speak a word of English. What's the point coming. And the car parking is a joke too. I hated the event, everything about it, total waste of money.

Music Venue Prices Atmosphere

Would you recommended: No