Interview with Markus Schulz ahead of Digital Society in Leeds

German born, Miami based globetrotting DJ Markus Schulz returns to Leeds on October 7th for Digital Society's Armada night. We pinned him down for a quick chat...

29th Sep 2011

German born, Miami based globetrotting DJ Markus Schulz returns to Leeds on October 7th for Digital Society's Armada night. Here he looks back at his Ibiza season, forward to an exciting 'announcement', and tells us what to expect from his Leeds show on the 7th.

Mr Markus Schulz! The people of Leeds are looking forward to welcoming you back to the city this October. Last year’s set was considered one of the performances of the year amongst the DS masses! How are you and where do we find you today?

Well that’s great to hear and thanks for saying! Today you find me in Vegas, but I’m about to fly back out. I’ve been here playing Marquee and doing a fairly exhaustive round of press interviews while I was about it. I was judging the Vegas Spin Off DJ competition yesterday, alongside LMFAO and was interviewed by a whole range of publications and TV shows about it while I was there.

2011 has been a great year for you on tour. What have been highlights - any special shows that have really stood out? Any countries you cannot wait to return to?

Ah man, way, way too many to go into in any great detail about! It’s been another golden year. I did Mexico at the start of this month and that was very cool indeed. A really special vibe about that and that’d be one place I’d very much like to head back to, to do bigger shows and play some longer sets. I’ve really enjoyed the residencies too. I played three shows at Club Space in Miami over the course of March’s WMC and MMW, which was really something. The shows kept selling out and they kept putting new ones in the diary! It was great to be able to play such long, exploratory sets on my home turf. Don’t get me wrong I love travelling to the far-flung places, but every now and again it’s great to get something on your doorstep!

Tell us a little more about this summer’s residency at Space Ibiza, quite a success from what we hear! How many dates did you do in total and which show was the pick of the bunch?

Ibiza has been incredible this year. As my fans know, Amnesia was a temple for me, so the move to Space had its bittersweet side. It has been wonderful though, with so many great shows throughout the summer. I’m doing seven gigs in total and there’s just one left to go, on the 2nd of October. I think the club’s closing party is going to crown the summer!

Tell us about 'Markus Schulz Pres. Dakota Thoughts Become Things II' – it has been making waves in recent months – what was the thinking behind the album?

Well there are these three kind of unwritten rules of Dakota. There are next to no vocals on the tracks and the tempo range is tighter than a Markus Schulz album - running between 126 – 132bpms. The Dakota albums explore tech/house/progressive and occasionally electro-ish paths as well as trance. Dakota allows me to concentrate on the club side of my mind (as opposed to the more radio-orientated side). Stylistically the album picks right up where the first one left off. The first three tracks could be the last ‘missing’ ones from the first album. It is a sequel in everything including the name, and one I’m very happy with.

What can we expect from Markus Schulz for the remainder of 2011 and beyond? Production wise, is there any news on forthcoming material from you, and which tracks out there are really doing the damage on the dance floor for you this summer?  

Well it’s been a fairly intense period of release activity. I’ve been involved with six physical releases in the first eight months of 2011! However, depending on how things go, there might be a 7th! I am working on another album, probably for release next year and am currently narrowing down the location of the next City compilation. We did Prague this year, which got a really next-level reaction from the fans. So I know to beat it is going to be tough. It is Markus-makes-his-mind-up-time (!), so you can expect an announcement on that in the not too distant future!

Your label ‘Coldharbour Recordings’ has once again been at the forefront in producing great music in 2011, and consistently has had great releases. Are there any exciting releases coming up?

There are always exciting releases coming up. Or at least I think so! This year has been a very special one for the label. I’ve just been so happy with the material that all these new artists the CH team and myself have uncovered over recent years. People like KhoMha, Klauss Goulart, Mr Pit, Mike Saint-Jules, Mike Foyle and other guys. So in answer to the question, basically there’ll be a whole lot more from those hombres!

Finally, any words for the people of Leeds as we approach ‘Digital Society Presents Armada Night UK’ @ O2 Academy?

Guys, strap yourselves in! It’s going to be an incredible ride! See you on the 7th

Thanks again, looking forward to another superb night!

Pleasure was all mine!

Catch Markus at Digital Society at O2 Academy Leeds on October 7th. Buy your tickets here.

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Interview with Markus Schulz ahead of Digital Society in Leeds

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