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Amine Edge & DANCE talk G House

We chat to G-House innovators Amine Edge and DANCE ahead of their Sheffield debut.

18th Sep 2014

Photo: Amine Edge & DANCE

At the heart of house music's seemingly unending appeal is it's ability to reinvent itself, with the time-honoured template laying the groundwork for generations of innovators to develop their own unique interpretations, leading to new styles that cross the spectrum of music as a whole.

One of the most exciting new evolutions of the classic house sound has been the burgeoning G-House movement, a cross breed of hip hop attitude and slomo house, with a winning predilection for heavy basslines (check out their Essential Mix above) that has caused a major stir across Europe, and nowhere more than in the UK.

We chat to the masterminds behind it all - Amine Edge & DANCE ahead of their Sheffield debut for Ahora on September 26th

You're set to appear for Ahora Presents in Sheffield on September 26th. Are you looking forward to it? Is Sheffield somewhere you've enjoyed playing before?

Yeah sure, it's gonna be our first time in Sheffield so we are looking forward to finding out how is the crowd and the atmosphere in this city. But England is always good.

You’ve had a lot of gigs in the UK of late, how do you find the crowds here?

The crowd in England is always amazing, everybody knows our tracks and they are always happy to discover new exclusives tracks. They know music and they have good taste so it's good to play in England to test new tracks and see their reaction. 

What do you think it about the whole G-house style that you think people can’t get enough of? Did you realise the movement would be as successful as it has been when you started out?

We don't know where the G-House is going to go and it's hard to know that. Music is like fashion, it's always changing so I think G-house will stay authentic and real for life but it's going to evolve. It's obvious. If you listen to one of our sets from two years ago and you compare it with now, it's different. It's still G, but it's not getting old.

How did the whole G-House thing start off? What was the initial inspiration and how has it developed?

At the beginning it was just a joke. When we did our first track together we always said "damn that shit a gangsta!" Then we were like "OK, now we do gangsta house."

The inspiration is from everything we loved when we were young. But especially hip hop and r&b. It came off naturally because I (DANCE) was a hip hop producer before doing house music. 

Was there a particular moment in your career where you thought 'Yeah, we’ve made the big time!' you know, like a moment where a certain DJ played your record or a certain night booked you?

The first time was when the DJ Midnight Pervert was playing 'Goodie-Goodies' (above) at BPM Festival in Mexico. When we saw the video it was so exciting to see all these people screaming on our track. Since this day we said to each other we have to continue to do big tracks for the dancefloor because we just love this feeling!

How has CUFF at Sankeys Ibiza been this year? The CUFF sound seems to fit perfectly with the vibe on the island, is Ibiza somewhere special to you?

It's incredible, we play every Thursday and the club is always full. That's crazy because our label is so young and Sankeys don't do a lot of promo if you compare to the likes of Space or Amnesia. So we are really happy and proud. We love to play in Ibiza and we will try to build something really huge for the next years coming...

How is the CUFF label going? Have you got any new releases or new signings on the label that you’re excited about?

We constantly have out year signed in advance, so it's too early to talk about that far ahead, but in the next few weeks we have the massive hit 'Batman Rave' from Marco Violent coming out (above), as well as a massive track EP from Sirus Hood, another EP from Clyde P and a compilation dedicated to Brazil with ten Brazilian tracks on it.

Can we look forward to some new cuts from yourselves too?

Yes, we brought our studio with us to our villa in Ibiza so we did many tracks this summer. We play them really often in our set. For example we did one track with DJ Sneak which works very well in the club. We're probably gonna release all of them on an EP at the end of the year.

And finally, hypothetical question… You have the power to throw the ultimate rave. You can play alongside any DJ from the past or present. Where would you have it, who would be on the bill, and what track would you play to define the evening?

We are eclectic and both have a big music culture, we don't like to talk about single tracks because we play them one year before release date to try them and to make sure it's a perfect release. And as for the DJs - we love to play alongside DJs who play good but different music to us.

Catch Amine Edge & DANCE doing their thing at Sheffield's O2 Academy on Friday 26th September by grabbing your tickets here.

Find out where else Amine Edge & DANCE are playing here.

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