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Addiction White at The Bank Bar And Nightclub

Addiction White

  • The Bank Bar And Nightclub Perth
  • Saturday 7th December
  • We Proudly Present Addiction White an event purveying the finest quality Trance... Brought to you by an array of the finest trance artists
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    about Come Together
    Ibiza is synonymous with a uniting of people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Since the first people came together to listen to music and party, Ibiza has attracted sun worshippers and night-time hedonists to holiday, relax & enjoy the wonders that are an Ibizan summer. So what is new then when we talk about Come Together? ... Come Together is a night that will truly celebrate this gathering of people from all over the globe and what better venue than at one of the most iconic and most cosmopolitan clubs, Space Ibiza. Where else can you meet & dance with like minded people from the four far flung corners of the clubbing globe, Europeans from East and West , Americans from North and South not to mention the occasional Australian or New Zealander all thrown into the mix? all with the same ethos to have fun and get lost in the truly stunning sounds that Space provides. This new phenomenon at Space is more than a uniting of nationalities; Come Together is also about a uniting of sounds. Where as a lot of club nights focus on one or two genres of music, this night is all about bridging the gaps between these genres, pushing the boundaries of what has become the norm, a coming together and true melting pot of styles & sounds. Call it what you want but you can expect a mass fusion of electro, techno, indie, house, rock, bass, bleeps, beats and breaks, all brought to you through DJ sets of some of the most forward thinking DJs of our times and live performances, turning Space into one hell of a mini festival each Thursday. So, Come Together is not just about uniting people, its about uniting sounds. An idea that we are confident will be absorbed into the hearts and minds of Ibizas open minded party people.


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