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charity night  at Antonine Hotel

charity night

  • Antonine Hotel Falkirk
  • Saturday 28th September
  • A fun filled night in aid of teenage cancer trust
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    about Albert Dock Floating Cinema

    Pop open your popcorn and catch a Hollywood blockbuster under the stars of Liverpool's Royal Albert Dock. Kick off your summer with an action packed screening of your favourite nautical and family themed films from 4th – 10 August.

    A cinematic experience wouldn’t be complete without a selection of refreshments, with each of the Dock restaurants taking it in turn each day to provide front row treats. Guests will be able to enjoy everything from Fish & Chips in cones from Panam, and Mojitos & Burritos from Revolucion de Cuba, to Pizza from Gusto, along with more from the likes of Maray, Tate Liverpool and Rosa’s Thai Cafe. Cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks will also be on offer from the pop-up bar located at the back of the pontoon to keep thirsts quenched throughout the film.

    The schedule for films are as follows:

    Afternoon screenings are from 2pm and evening screenings are from 6pm

    Sunday 4 August - Afternoon - Finding Nemo

    Sunday 4 August - Evening - Grease

    Monday 5 August - Afternoon - Sharks Tale

    Monday 5 August - Evening - Dirty dancing

    Tuesday 6 August -Afternoon - The Goonies

    Tuesday 6 August - Evening - Breakfast Club

    Wednesday 7 August -Afternoon - Matilda

    Wednesday 7 August - Evening - Titanic

    Thursday 8 August - Afternoon - Jumanji

    Thursday 8 August - Evening - 10 Things I Hate About You

    Friday 9 August - Afternoon - Lady And The Tramp

    Friday 9 August - Evening - Castaway

    Saturday 10 August - Afternoon - Mamma Mia

    Saturday 10 August - Evening - Titanic


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