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I Am A Raver is a Glasgow based promoter bringing you events all across the UK and beyond. The brand was set up by DJ Zitkus where he recruited other PCDJ heroes Gary McF, DJ Rankin and DJ Bad Boy as the brand’s residents. They have also recently recruited top Scottish talent DJ Dexi on a roster that includes the likes of Nathan Devlin, Deekay and Andy Rough.
The aim of I Am A Raver is to bring you your childhood heroes together on a lineup at sell out shows across the world. With a mix of brand-new talented DJ’s coming through the ranks as well. The events that they put on are nothing short of legendary nights with huge performances.

These are events featuring club anthems past and present that supply you with nostalgia-filled entertainment. You can catch them putting on a variety of shows from club nights to even the odd rave edition of bingo. This lot will never fail to put a smile on your face, so tickets are always flying out.

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