Drum and Bass Manchester



At this point, drum and bass runs as deep in Manchester’s veins as Madchester music. It’s probably one of the easiest cities to find drum-and-bass-themed nights in. You can check out your bog-standard clubs or venture out into the sweaty, dirty bass face, gun-finger-slinging raves that are heaven for those who want to cut the chit-chat and skank out to tunes all night long.

When it comes to raving, Warehouse Project is probably Manchester’s most famous series of events. And there’s always a drum-and-bass-centred WHP event or two. Or you can head out to the tiny sweatboxes like XLR and Deaf Institute. Joshua Brookes always has a killer DnB event in its calendar. And Hidden, perfectly nailing that underground vibe, has many rooms for you to drunkenly dive in and out of, forcing your mates into a wild goose chase after you.

If you’re looking for drum and bass Manchester events, look no further. From casual club nights to massive warehouse events to tiny venues packed with the most passionate fans, you can find it all here on Skiddle.

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