The Hidden Village Festival

Friday 2nd September 2016

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Minimum age: 18

Welcome to the newest underground music festival in the UK, We want to give you the experience of your life... Come to our Hidden Village...


Legend has it that as the last century approached the millennia, a reckless band of free thinkers, musicians and radical artists set up camp on the edge of our great island, overlooking the sea. 

These bohemian souls had grown tired of the urban party landscape, of the monotony of day to day city living. They lusted for hedonism, for radical self expression, for raves that were bursting full of frivolity and colour. Under the moonlight they danced around burning fires, sipping exotic potions, discussing ideas and dreaming of a brighter world. 

The events of those debauched nights, what went on in the shadows, and if the village even actually existed became folklore until this year when one of the villagers, broke their vow of secrecy, a heart bursting with joy he wanted to share his idyllic existence with the world, to find a new wave of comrades to join their party.

To an outsider it may seem like a sleepy hamlet: a tired old pub, quaint cottages, a market and church hall… But walk through the backstreets, explore through hidden doors and down rabbit holes, get to know the villagers and you’ll soon discover there’s more to it than meets the eye.

As the sun approaches its second equinox for the year, on 2nd September 2016, so will the village gates be open for the first time to a special chosen few… question is, will you be joining them?

▬ 3 Day Weekend Event With Camping !! 

▬ 200+ Artists

▬ 5000 Ravers

▬ Location: Ramsey Road, PE7 3DR (1Hour from London) 

▬ 5 Stages Including Chillout


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