Sunbourne Festival Travel and Directions

June 2020 (To be confirmed)

No venue info currently

Minimum age: 18

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Travel to/from Sunbourne Festival

Sunbourne Festival is held at Hainault Forest Country Park, Ilford.


Once you arrive at either Hainault, Grange Hill or Romford Station there are a variety of options available that will get you to the Hainault Forest Country Park festival site


Local mini-cab services


Romford: Star Mini Cabs – 01708 736736

Hainault: Redbridge Radio Cars – 0208 500 1111

Grange Hill: Chigwell Cars – 0208 500 7777


Uber rides which are available by using your mobile app.


Jump aboard the local 247 bus which is only a short ride away from the festival site.


Walking distance from Hainault to the festival site is 1.6 miles which is a 30 minute walk. To walk from Romford takes 1 hour 15 minutes, which a distance of 4.5 miles.



Disabled Access Information

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