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Friday 7th June 2013

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Rockness is a festival situated right on the bank of Scotland's iconic and somewhat mystical Loch Ness. It is a festival truly set apart from most. Winning NME Magazine’s ‘Best Small Festival’ award two years in a row, and gaining more followers by the year, each edition of Rockness continues to cement itself as Scotland’s favourite festival.

The contrast between the serenity of the calm waters of Loch Ness, and the furore created by the thousands of people singing, dancing, and cheering, is really something to behold.

With the organizers booking a wide range of acts, from pop to rock, and techno to folk, its eclecticism has long since been something the organizers are proud of, and that the fans are attracted to. Essentially, there's something for everyone.

The fantastic Scottish crowd really make things memorable, with a definite anything goes party atmosphere that’s wild but also very friendly, creating an inviting combination.

Headliners have previously included Scottish legends Biffy Clyro, Fatboy Slim, Kasabian, Magnetic Man, Mumford & Sons, and Annie Mac to name just a few.

A host of eclectic arenas add a unique and much loved signature to RockNess including a comedy proposition previously headlined by funnymen superstars Tim Minchin and Kevin Bridges, as well as Howard’s End, a traditional character pub with special guest landlord Howard Marks.

Along with an impressive menu of food and drink, this festival of contrast continues to excite and astound, and maintains its title as one of the most beautiful festivals of the year.

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