London Remixed Festival Line up

Friday 5th February 2016

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Minimum age: 18

London Remixed Festival 2016 Line up

The lineup for London Remixed Festival can be found below:

Friday Line-up (7pm-1am / 1 Stage Only)

Vintage Remix

(curated By Continental Drifts)

Symphonica featuring MR Switch

+ Daytoner

+ Dj Chris Tofu


Saturday Line-up (7pm-4am / 4 Stages)



(curated By Wormfood + Movimientos + Vibes & Pressure)

Nubiyan Twist (djs)

K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade

**secret Guest**

Native Sun

Baldo Verdu & Tonto Malembe

Dj Cal Jader


Polka Club

(curated By Continental Drifts + Arts Canteen)


Temple Funk Collective

Gypsy Butter

Djanan Turan

Dat Brass

Dj Chris Tofu

Dj Penny Metal


Folk Ghetto

(curated By Two For Joy + Woodburner)


Cut A Shine

Theo Bard

Forest Of Fools

Dj Joey Fingers

+ Accoustic Jam!


Silent Disco Café


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